Markham Fair

We ended the week with a fun family outing to Markham Fair.  It was really fun…aside from the rain.  With all of the rides wet, the girls were a bit disappointed.  I was disappointed that I was the only one interested in the tractor pull.  Loud engines, bellowing smoke, what is there not to like?  Maybe next year we will need to try either the Monster Trucks or Demolition Derby.









Anyways, we did see the Super Dogs show.  Which was as enjoyable as at the CNE.  Those dogs are really talented and not to mention adorable.  From there we went off to grab some food.  Boy was I surprised to discover that I got to eat too!!  While Glenn and the girls munched on roast beef Kaisers I enjoyed a steaming baked potatoe full of green onions, cheese and BACON!  Everything is better with bacon.

Markham Fair dinner









From there we headed to the exhibit buildings to see how the girls had done.  Did I not mention that not only was this the summer of popsicles but also of crafting for the fair.  The crafting ran right up until the last day when Glenn supervised the making of rice krispie treats for the kids catergory.  I think that was the highlight of Katrine’s fair prep.  Elspeth enjoyed all of the art, and we did lots – veggie prints, fingerpainting, stickers, stampers, cutting, glueing  Me?  Watching my girls create.  My least favourite memory?  Having my fingers burned while holding things that were being glued.   They did well.  They didn’t place in everything but that is okay.  Nevertheless, they will be happy when they get to actually hold their ribbons on Sunday.

The girls at work:

IMG_2727 IMG_2762











At the Fair:

IMG_3369 IMG_3402

IMG_3395 IMG_3394 IMG_3393 IMG_3403