Tenor Drummer Takes the Stage for the First Time

What a weekend.  The girls got to break out the sprinkler one last time.  They raked leaves and jumped in them.  Ran around, screamed, laughed, smiled.  It was a great weekend with that alone.  Then it got better.












The pipe band was invited to play at the local theater open house.  So off we went!  My parents had picked up Elspeth’s new kilt on Monday and she is use to her drum now, so the timing was perfect.

Once the band members attending had gathered they marched out with our little drummer girl at the end of the line.  Proudly drumming as she walked.  They played in and then after Oh Canada played Scotland the Brave before playing themselves out.  She was adorable and did a great job.  The past 9 months of practising have been well worth it as you can tell by the smile on her face.  Next big drumming thing is her show at the end of the month.

IMG_3344 IMG_3349 IMG_3355 IMG_3358



















Video: To follow!!!

When the band was done, the girls got to explore the other exhibits.  Meeting Curious George, eating gelato and cupcakes before coming home to more outside playtime.IMG_3362