An Elsa Moon Festival

The real Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is not until tomorrow but some good friends host a moon festival party each year so we get to stretch out our celebration.  It was an Elsa festival because can you guess who came???  Chinese Elsa, complete with white hair.  I must say that she was remarkably cute.  Her royal highness stayed at the party for about 2 hours, only leaving once dinner appeared.  Oddly enough, she showed back up after dinner but her face looked rather different and this time she had a twin! (OK, I must admit that I was biased in favour of the first Elsa but the other two were also adorable).

IMG_3047 - Copy

Elsa needed some lipstick at one point.
Elsa needed some lipstick at one point.













The girls had a lot of fun crafting lanterns, eating moon cakes and of course going on a lantern parade with their friends.

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The hostess even thought of me and made some gluten free moon cookies which were delicious.  May need to add them to our yearly tradition.

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This afternoon after church, we all headed out to the orchard for apple picking. It was a gorgeous day and we got a bag full of a combination of bakers and small eaters for lunches.  I love that the girls have learned to pick apples that are about the size they can eat in one sitting.  I hate cleaning apple schmutz off of the inside of lunch bozes.  Yuck!

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While we were there the girls were snacking on apples.  Now Katrine has had two lose teeth all summer.  She lost one last week but the other was hanging in there.  She was walking along happily munching when she started to tear up.  Turns out her tooth had come out and she couldn’t see it in the apple.  A quick reassurance that the tooth fairy would still come dried the tears.  Before bed she composed a note to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened and politely requesting that she leave something anyways.

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It has been a really nice fall weekend.  I am hoping that this week is a bit calmer at work so that I can get around to making up some GF apple pies.  Mmmm.

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