A Trip to the ER

And so, November is going out with a BUMP….CRY!!

Last night Elspeth managed to fall out of bed and into the corner of her dresser.  We are still not sure how she managed to hit the dresser because there is quite a gap between the two but manage it she did.  Glenn and I were woken up by a loud bump and crying.  At first we thought that she had simply fallen out of bed and then Glenn noticed that something was running down her cheek.  So, into the bathroom we went where there was light.  Goodness me, it was no little cut but a nicely bleeding gouge.

Off to the ER we drove.  I must say a special thank you to every single house that had their Christmas lights turned on so late into the night.  Nothing helps a hurting little one feel better than distraction and they did the trick.  The staff was excellent but as it goes with ERs we were stuck there from 12:30 until about 5:30.  Elspeth was a trooper and only cried when the doctor actually was gluing her gouge back together.  Poor wee thing came home and slept until 10:30 and she is the kid who hits 7:30 when she is sleeping in!  Before falling asleep she announced, “I am a brave girl.”  Yes my pet you are indeed.

Waiting for the freezing to kick in.

A little while later she was getting done so I added a bandage to Aleigh’s head.  That distracted her.

Right before the gluing.  She is ever so done now.


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