Tomorrow, Glenn and I celebrate 25 years together.  A quarter-century ago, we officially decided we were a couple and invited each other to our respective Thanksgiving dinners.  It was both exciting and nerve-wracking to think that about meeting his family and him getting to meet my family of five (well really just my older brother and my nana because he had already met my parents).  On the Saturday morning, Glenn showed up to get me.  Okay, off we went in his father’s Blazer and me thinking that at least I knew his brother.  I was about to get a total shock because this was not a family

I was about to get a total shock because this was not a family thanksgiving but a FAMILY thanksgiving.  Instead of being just for immediate family, this was an extended family dinner.  I got to meet his parents and everyone else in one fail swoop.  I am not sure what kind of impression I made at that meal.  Little did I know that day how much I would come to love everyone who was at that meal.  That day I met a huge clan of wonderful people who have been a blessing to us and the girls ever since that day.

How did Glenn fair?  Well, he did get a smaller gathering but there was one hiccup.  I forgot to mention to my mom that he was vegetarian until he was pulling into the driveway.  She spent a great deal of that meal worried that she would have enough sides to fill up this really tall boyfriend.  Well, Glenn is no longer a vegetarian and my mom still takes pleasure in making him her sweet potatoes so it turned out okay.  Glenn enjoys spending time with my family as well so there are blessings on both sides really.

Thank you to everyone who helped get us together when we were too shy to take the leap at first.  And, all of our friends who have journeyed with us from high school onwards as well as those who have joined us along the road.  Thank you to our families who taught us both the importance of commitment, acceptance and treasuring the small things.  Finally, thank you to our girls who add spice to our lives.

Wonder what the next 25 years hold!

That Toop Thanksgiving
Our first Halloween (matching Phantom of the Opera costumes)