June Catch Up

Okay, I am totally behind in my posts because June has been…..well, let’s just go with busy.  We ended May with Elspeth’s first band parade of the year.  It was cooler than last year which made it more comfortable for wearing wool kilts.

The next weekend saw her off to her very first Brownies Camping adventure.  She LOVED it and is already looking forward to next year.  That same weekend was Katrine’s Youth Group musical at church.  It was amazing and obvious how much work they had all put into it.  Very proud of her.  We also had the chance to celebrate Grandpum’s birthday with the very traditional birthday danish!

The cabin was beautiful.

The only photo without the whole cast.
Forgot the school concert.


























Then we had Elspeth’s school fun fair.  As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  The next week it was the After School Care BBQ.  We dragged Katrine there just long enough to get her arm painted and have some food before she was off to the Youth Group party.  This past week Elspeth and I briefly went to our Ward councillor’s BBQ because there was free cotton candy where we discovered that cotton candy does not hold up well to humidity.  Katrine was still skating while we were getting the treat and by the time she was off the ice it had shrunk to 3/4 the size! (And not because I had eaten any).























There was also the end of the Brownie year which means even more sewing for mom.  Plus, Elspeth and a fellow Brownie held a lemonade stand in the park to raise money for Sick Kids.  They had a blast and raised $75.00.  Definetely a proud mommy moment.

Sit on the table when you can’t reach the markers.























Throw in Father’s Day, a penguing with a broken flipper, sleepover, report cards and Visa stress and you have our June.  Bring on the summer!

The cast came off by the end of the day. Apparently, penguins heal quickly.