Home from the Cottage

We have just returned home from a visit to Karen’s cottage up north…and what a visit it was. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon to a warm, sunny day perfect for swimming. After a refreshing dip in the lake and dinner, the skies began to darken. We thought that we were in for a little rain storm and settled into the cottage to wait for it to blow over. What began as a wee storm became quite the storm. The winds were strong enough to uproot trees and move docks down the water. Needless to say, we also lost power.

The next morning dawned bright and cheerful while the sound of chainsaws filled the air. It was really amazing to see how all of the cottagers checked on each other and their damage and then helped out where needed. Luckily no one was hurt and our car’s tail-light was the only casuality (it got hit by a branch) at the cottage proper. Unfortunately, the power remained out as a clump of trees were lying across the hydro wires. It did add to the overall excitement of the visit.

78 This is the tree that took out our tail-light.

81 Clump of roots.

84You can just see the trees on the power lines.

Katrine loved spending time with her aunt and cousin. She was in awe of the tall trees that were “in the sky”. She also was very excited when she saw “tree frogs” (well, actually just plain old frogs but all frogs are tree frogs to her because of Deigo). She was not so sold on the concept of swimming in the lake. She liked to wear her life jacket and sit on the dock. That was as far as she would volunteerily go. After much coaxing we managed to get her onto a little dingy she called “Katrine’s boat”, but she would only stay there for short periods of time before demanding to be returned to dry land.

Overall, it was very relaxing.

71 Katrine voices her displeasure about this whole lake concept.

75 Her personal boat.