Lantern Festival Update

23Here we are right before they began to light up the lanterns. I think that the lantern pandas, bugs and dinosaurs were Katrine’s favourites. She kept saying “Wow! Pretty!” as she marvelled at the magic that was unfolding before her eyes.27 We were equally entranced by the array of colours and shapes. 3025

All of the lanterns were built on site at Ontario Place by craftsmen/women who traveled from China specifically to create these works of art. I have often seen what I thought were lovely lanterns in store windows or in movies. When we were in China during the New Year festivities we also saw bright red lanterns decorating the streets. However, these were truly extrodinary. The artists have created tableaus out of wire, lightbulbs and silk. We would highly recommend that you go to see this display sometime this summer.

The evening out also provided us with the opportunity to hook up with some friends who had adopted their daughters from Katrine’s orphanage. The girls had a wonderful time rediscovering eachother while we adults had a chance to get caught up.