The tree is up, the tree is up!!!!

The Christmas season is officially here with the arrival of our decorations.  The girls are really into it and were a great help.  I am so glad that they enjoy Christmas traditions.

Some of the time there was a bit more playing than helping.
Some of the time there was a bit more playing than helping.





Amidst the snowflurries, we got the outdoors done.  My parents found us a really cute skating snowman for our lawn which was a nice surprise for the girls.  We also added some garlands to the bushes.  You won’t see them at night but hey they will look good during the day.  Very festive; especially with the added snow on the grass.  We have not yet settled on Christmas lights – as in where and how many – so we are not fully done and will need to get cracking on rectifying that next weekend.



Then Glenn went and picked up his mom so that she could help us to decorate our trees.  Yes, two of them.  The upstairs one is all breakable ornaments including my Nana’s  small bulbs and a chain that my grandpa made from cigarette wrappers.  It is really shiny and makes it feel very festive.  When we add in a fire it will really feel like Christmas.

IMG_3766 IMG_3767










We finished the downstairs tree as we watched the santa claus parade and munched on pizza and veggies.  It is a family tree.  My favourite ornaments are those which were hand made.  I have a wee toilet roll drum that I made as a kid.  Glenn has a bell made by his grandma.  Then there are the ones for our wedding and trips to China but the best are those from the girls.  As pretty as the upstairs tree is, the downstairs tree makes my heart sing – it sings Family.

IMG_3770 IMG_3774