Skating Update

Just thought that it was about time to give everyone an update on Katrine’s skating.  She has been working hard this fall to get adjusted to being a competitive skater – learning what it means to focus, how much effort is needed on a daily basis, how to effectively prepare for a competition, how to follow up your skate and critique your video.  Who knew how many new things there were to learn!

It has also been a change for us in that only one of us has attended each competition as opposed to our previous family affair.  I have discovered how difficult it is waiting to here how everything went.  It really is no better being the parent who waits at home than the one sitting in the stands watching it unfold.  This means that we only have one person taking video so there are no current photos of her skating.  🙁

Anyways, this past weekend Katrine went to Sectionals.  It was her best skate thus far this season and she landed her personal best score which placed her 7th in her flight (also her highest finish to date).  Really proud of her.