Sweet Water Festival

It is that time of year again…maple sirop time.  In other words, time to head up north to my parents and celebrate that the sap is running.  It is always a fun time and the girls always have big smiles. (and they learn something too).

Pancake breakfast

Getting our names burned into wood for necklaces.

It was a perfect day for listening to the presentation in the sugar shack while sucking on maple taffy.  This year’s batch was super delicious.

To top it off, all of the kids got to help their grandfather collect the sap from a many trees.  They were so excited.

The morning finished up with face painting, crafts, a wagon ride and some bannock making.  Smiles were worn by all.

(Masks were the craft.)

My mom’s birthday is this week and Katrine’s is shortly thereafter so we did some present time in the afternoon.  Katrine loved the earrings she got from her aunt, uncle and cousins while mom rather enjoyed her strawberry shortcake.

Spring…sort of

Okay, so it is officially spring…even though it doesn’t really feel that way yet.  Elspeth however, is chock full of excitement over it being “almost summer”. As a result, on Friday night we broke out the sidewalk chalk.  If only it could get just a wee bit warmer.  I mean Aleigh didn’t seem to mind watching Elspeth draw from the comfort of the car but it was a bit chilly for me.  Then again, maybe I am just getting older. 🙂

(No, we did not leave Katrine out of the fun.  She was visiting with a friend down the street.)



March Break – The Finale

We finished up the Break with a trip to Bass Pro Shop for some indoor catch and release fishing.  The line up was long but the girls had fun – they looked a lures with Baba, checked out the fishing poles, did a craft, watched the fish swim, climbed on boats, all while waiting for their turn.  Once we got up there they were happy, happy.  Both got some nibbles but no takers.  That said, they left with smiles on their faces as well as new tackle boxes (which have since been turned into an eraser holder and “pretty stuff” holder).

And then it was back to school on St Paddy’s Day.  Elspeth wore this green dress again to school so she could be in green like mommy’s earrings.  For dinner the girls were thrilled with their green milkshakes (little food colouring never hurt anyone but my fingers turned a nice shade of green opening up the bottle, oops).  Now there is a bit of a lull where we can catch our breathes and get back into the swing of things.


March Break – Part 3 Science Anyone

I have fond memories of going to the Science Center with my family as a child.  Today I took the girls and one of Katrine’s China sisters.  It was a verrry long day but amazing.  All three kids left with big smiles on their faces.  You will notice that there are less photos of Katrine.  That is because she is in most of the photos with her China sister.

We began the day with some dancing in the big hall.  Circles on a floor apparently send the signal “Let’s dance!”

Time for some experiments and crafts.

My little looking super proud of herself.  She kept up with the biggies all day.

There was a special Sesame Street and the Body exhibit on for the Break.  All of the girls seemed to actually enjoy it .  I had expected more resistance from the older pair because of how it was presented but they got right in to it.  The digestive track with simulated poop was a big hit all around as were the interactive sink hygene display.  Who knew that hand washing could be so much fun without real water?  Elspeth was happy to see Dorothy in Elmo’s world but surprised that it was not real water.  As you can see in the final photo, Elspeth’s hands are exactly the same size as Elmo’s.

Time for more experiments!

Elspeth’s favourite two stations.  Her first reaction at the red peg wall was not to make the animal prints with the provided supplies but to make a face print.  She did manage to start a trend with another three kids following suit.  I prefered the hall of mirrors.

Katrine really enjoyed the water table.  They put in various combinations of walls in order to direct the flow of water in certain ways.  Very cool.

I rather enjoyed the black light puppet show.  Not only was it great entertainment but I got to actually sit down for half an hour.

One last thing; Happy Pi(e) Day!! The girls were happy to indulge in mini butter pies (okay tarts if I have to be specific) in honour of Pi Day.


March Break Part 2 -Animals & Crafts

I love how malls have free things for kids to do over the break.  It gives you that extra something to do.  Plus, it is free (one of my favourite words).  This year a local mall had an animal display in and the girls loved it.  They got to see tons of different animals and touched quite a few.  The highlight for each was holding the alligator (I think that is what it was).  Elspeth needed some help as she only out weighed the critter by about 7 pounds.  She also observed that his mouth was taped shut so that “he couldn’t bite me ’cause it would hurt but they open it later so he can eat”.

I always end up doing some craft projects with the girls over the break.  Some are great and others are flops.  This year’s new favourite was Painted Toast.  You basically mix food colouring with some milk and then apply to toast.  I suppose you could get really fancy and break out brand new paintbrushes for the task but we simply used the “paint” by the spoonful.  Painted, toasted it, slathered on some butter and it was apparently delicious.  That said, I am not sure that tie dyed bread is everyone’s style but it certainly made for a psychedelic breakfast.


March Break…Part 1

It has been an interesting break weather wise with a touch of spring followed by a blast of winter.  On the plus side, the girls have had the chance to get in some more snow play while also trying out their new wellies!

I spent two days up north with the girls visiting my parents.  En route we were able to squeeze in a all to brief visit with one of Katrine’s China sisters (although Elspeth was waaaay over tired by the time we got there) which is always a treat.  Our visit began with dinner by the harbour were the girls admired the lone fishing hut and then goofing around with the pirate who Elspeth affectionately named Captain.

The next day brought some shopping and then outdoor time (They both soooo needed to burn off steam.  As much as I love having a week off from the arena, Katrine is missing all of the activity.)  Splashing in puddles and climbing snowbanks were the activities of choice all enjoyed in glorious sunshine and polar fleece.

Well, back home today saw a snowstorm just to remind us that it is not yet spring.  On went the winter clothes and out we went to play.  Bury each other in the snow, build a snow village for the ponies, climb more mounds…until we were all thoroughly forzen and knew that it was hot chocolate time.

Katrine didn’t want to be buried but was more than happy to help bury the two of us and be the officail photographer.

Elspeth managed to craft some snowblobs and bricks but not the desired Olaf-like snowman.

Katrine spent a lot of time digging suitable houses out of the snowbank and ferrying the ponies between them in open air style.