Glencoe Fair

I just realized that I am behind in my posts so it is time to catch up. (I was sick this past week and acutally had to take a day off of work!  Guess that I no longer have a school grade immune system.)

Last weekend was the family’s weekend to celebrate Charles’ birthday.  That meant that Saturday monring saw us climbing into the car and off to Glencoe.  One big difference this year was that I was able to join the family in getting Tims as they now carry a gluten free option (Yippee!!!).

We arrived just in time for the parade.  Both kids were thrilled.  Elspeth was once again blown away by the size of some of the tractors.

After lunch we went to visit an egg farm much to the girl’s delight.  We are big egg eaters.  Well, all except for me that is.  Elspeth learned  the word silo and “big machine” while Katrine got a chance to ask every possible question about the machinery carrying the eggs along.  There were fresh eggs to top it off too.

Then it was off to the fair itself.  Sarah’s pies looked as tasty as usual and she did pretty darn well.  This year’s theme was the Fifties.  One category was a decorated pumpkin.  My particular favourite was the Elvis pumpkin.  I thought it was smashing.  We decided to save the rides until Sunday as it had poured and the following day was suppose to have nice weather.  Well the forecast was wrong.  It rained Sunday so we missed the demolition derby and the rides.  Instead we spent a little while longer with the family.

Overall a great outing.


Happy Moon Festival!

No good photos of food this year.  After two years off it is just rough getting through the week at times so this year’s dinner was more simple than other years.  We did (one of the few times I say yippee to being gluten free) have moon cakes for dessert and the girls gobbled those down.  After dinner we had our annual lantern parade outside.  Katrine is an awesome big sister and took her job of showing Elspeth how to holding her lantern, turn it on and joining in on Elspeth’s “parades”; all with a huge smile on her face.  To top it off the moon was beautiful.  A happy Chinese thanksgiving to all of you.

Apple Picking and Kitchen Fun

The fall always brings with it a trip to the apple orchard.  We decided not to make our big batches of apple sauce, crumbles and pies this year.  With me back at work in a new school and job that was simply too much.  Instead we picked small apples perfect for the girls’ lunches and enjoyed the sunshine but cooler temperatures.  We also went to pick fall raspberries.  However, we went in the afternoon (because I slept in; thank you Glenn).  As a result, the berries had been picked over and there were not many left.  Oh well, Elspeth got to see where raspberries come from and the few that we did find were sweet and delicious.

Of course, we had to take the occasional taste test to ensure quality.  This involves the old “wipe it on your shirt” trick.

“Mom look! Just enough for our lunch!”

The orchard was also selling pie pumpkins.  Now a few years back, Katrine and Glenn made pumpkin pies and ice cream from scratch.  I think it was a year where both Katrine and I took trips to the pumpkin patch and we ended up with a half dozen pie pumpkins.  Well, didn’t she remember and beg him to do with her and her sister once again.  He, being a great dad did just that.

Then I put the girls to work today making their own lunch. (which doubles as school lunch tomorrow too)

Plus, the helped to fold dumplings for Thrusday’s moon festival dinner. Gluten free dumplings!! (If I could eat gluten, I would just be buying the things and steaming them.)




First Day of School

Katrine started Grade 4 on Tuesday

Elspeth JK yesterday

Both girls are loving it.  I am back at work and am enjoying it.  It is different than anything I have done before in many ways but very similar in others.  I am just hoping that by the end of the year I can look back and say not only did I try my best but that I also did a good job.

Happy September everyone!