Lions Club Egg Hunt

Saturday dawned to two girls ready for another day of fun at their grandparents.  My dad is now a Lion and his group had organized a community event in the form of an Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year we were unable to attend but this year we were up there, dressed and ready to go.  The event did not disappoint.  Both girls had an excellent time.  As you can see, they not only spent even more time building memories with their grandparents but they got face painted, met the Easter Bunny, hunted for eggs and got a huge chocolate bunny each!

My dad and two of his girls

He and the other Lions had placed 4, 000 plastic eggs in the field.  Within four minutes all of the eggs were claimed!  Within those four minutes, there was a lot of smiles and giggles as the kids tried to fill their baskets.

Grandpa and Katrine played a little game of basketball….sorry, eggbag with the eggs.

One highlight for Elspeth was finding two “peachy” eggs (That is now her favourite colour.  She insists that anything orange is peach and will stand her ground when told that they are orange.)

My two little bunnies

As you can see, Katrine was much happier meeting the Easter Bunny than Elspeth. Elspeth did happily accept the chocolate mini eggs and then promptly asked her dad “Who inside the bunny?”


I would like to say a special thank you to the Victoria Harbour Lions club for a well run and extremely fun event.  The girls had a wonderful time.

Good Friday in the Sugar Bush

This year we had the opportunity to spend a chunk of Good Friday helping my dad at the sugar shack.  Both girls enthusiastically helped but I think that Katrine’s level of excitement was a bit higher given that she actually understood what they were doing.  They are already on me to whip up a batch of GF pancakes so that they can use the maple sirop “that they made”.  Let me take you through our afternoon.

1. We arrive at the bush and are greated by rows of tapped trees.

2. Stop in at the sugar shack to get the fire started, take a nice close look at the equipment without the usual layer of steam and collect our buckets.

3. Okay, the troops are ready to go.  Off into the bush to check which buckets are full, collect the sap into our pails and the haul it back to the shack.  In total we collected about 13 gallons (45 litres) of sap.

Katrine tried to do it all by herself but then the red pail got to heavy and then mom had to lug it about while she continued to fill it up.

Katrine took her big sister duties quite seriously.  At every stop she would check the various buckets and leave the one with the smallest amount of sap for Elspeth.  As you can see, Elspeth still needed help but she gave it her all.

4. Then we went to look at the swans, geese and ducks while it was being boiled (not the actual sap we collected but shh don’t tell my girls).  By the time we came back there was some sap ready to be poured off.  This is the first time that the girls have ever got to see this part of the process.  Usually when they visit, Grandpa is boiling water for tour groups so that they can see the process regardless of how the sap has been running. Anyways, they got to see how it is poured through a strainer into a large container and then bottled.

That is my dad filling the sirop bottle.

5.  Topped the whole experience off with some hot chocolate and a homemade turkey dinner.



Easter Bunny is here! (and other easter stuff)

Originally got these ears for Katrine, but I don’t think that she ever enjoyed them quite this much.  Silly Bunny

Big eyed Bunny (“No mummy.  I Silly Bunny.”  Guess I was told)

Cute Bunny

The eggs are ready.  Decorations have been made.  Guess it is almost time to find some goodies.

Elspeth really got the whole egg decorating thing this year.  Katrine requested that we make ‘marble eggs like last year” so that she could have cool eggs to eat at school this week.  Then she went and got a high fever so she ended up eating this batch at home with her sister.

The Skating Fun Never Ends in our House

That’s right, even when we are not at an arena it is still all about the skating.  This time the girls found a box and Katrine thought that we could make it into an ice rink.  With a little bit of creativity and a lot of glue, the Attwood Arena was born.  Complete with an audience calling out cheers, tickets and medals.

Now it was time for the gala.  Both girls got in on the fun by breaking out every single toy that has skates….and a walrus!  Who knew that stuffed animals had such awesome skating moves?  The Barbie was apparently the headliner.  I must admit that her spiral was not half bad.

‘Skatey Bear’ shows off her jumps, ‘Skatey Girl’ demonstrates the ice splits move (also known as the cold bum move), “Ice Angel/Barbie’ breaks out her spiral while Walrus sits (totally different from the cold bum move due to the mass quantities of blubber involved).

Now that the show was done it was time to increase the role which our arena was to play within the toy community of our household through lessons from our resident coach….Barbie! (She really is a woman of many talents.  Never seen a coach whose skates fall off quite as easily though.)  The arena has been used by all of the Calico Critters, who interestingly enough can apparently skate in bare feet! Barbie has also coached a sheep and Katrine’s fashion doll Lily.

Big Sister Sheep is working on push together while Lily is more advanced working on a toe loop as being demonstrated by her coach.

Introduction the new and improved Skatey Girl

We have the dresses!!! (A special thank you to SamSam for thinking of us)

Got the gloves! (Finally found a pair small enough to fit her hands.  Stretchy gloves that don’t need to stretch.  Hehe)  Got the fuzzy sweater and funky leg warmers. Now I am ready to rock my shiny new skates!!!

Look! I can even go higher in these.  I am Skatey Girl!  See me fly!


World Figure Skating Gala in London

It was AWESOME!  I had an absolutely fabulous time with Katrine and my mom.  The skating was…well, the best in the world.  The company was great.  And then to top it all off, they even had a gluten free consession stall!!

First time that I have ever had a lot of choice at an sporting event.  Hopefully it is sign of things to come.

From the time when we turned off of the highway until we reached the arena there was great signage.  Katrine was almost dancing in her seat as we drove along.  Her excitement reached fever pitch once she saw this sign and ice sculpture. This is the sign which greated our arrival at the arena.

I was told by my brother that there were no bad seats in Budwieser Gardens.  He was right.  This is the view from our seats.  Every skater looked fabulous.

Last night Katrine made two flags for our trip.  One for herself and the other for her skating mascot “Skatey Bear”.  Both flags got quite the work out ever time a Canadian skater took the ice.

At the end of the gala all of the skaters came out for a last hurrah.  What a bunch of talent.  Their skills were fabulous.  The show was a joy to watch.

Elspeth, Glenn and my Dad?  They stayed home and played at the park.  I came home to another happy girl who had basked in her father and grandfather’s love and undivided attention.  All around a wonderful day.

Teeny Skates

So Elspeth has been complaining about her skates pinching.  It was not because they were too small in terms of size but rather that they were pinching her ankles where we were pulling them in excessively much in order to make them fit.  Time for skates with laces.  Off to the Figure Skating Boutique we went.  Check out what we brought home.


March Break Part 2 in photos

Today it was off to the ROM.  I knew that Katrine would love it but I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about how Elspeth would react.  A stroller for security was an absolute necessity as was her stuffed sheep.  Since I did bring those two the day played out well.  Check it out.

Favourite exhibits:

Of course they loved the dinosaurs.  Katrine thought that the embryo inside of the egg was super interesting while Elspeth marvelled at the sheer size of the skeletons.

Katrine begged to go see the rocks and minerals section.  Elspeth saw this and cried “Look Mummy!  A granola bar!”

Nature section had a mushroom display for Katrine and this giant Spider Crab for Elspeth who desperately wanted to pet it.

Girls at play:

In the medival section Elspeth’s sheep got to meet its ancient counterpart.  There was alot of Baa-ing.  Apparently old sheep and modern sheep are quite similar.

While Elspeth could’ve spent hours digging for “treasure”, Katrine was more interested in touching fossils.

One of my favourite photos is this one of the girls standing/jumping on the moon (Plus, I am almost certain that Aleigh is the first sheep on the moon.).  There is actually a piece of the moon in the circle underneath Elspeth’s feet.