Family Day & Food

This weekend marks the 6th anniversary of the three of us becoming a family.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that next year, we will be celebrating yet another anniversary.  Below  is Katrine’s version of the day we became a family.

My brother and the kids were in to visit yesterday.  I am betting that my niece will be as tall as me, if not taller, by her birthday next year.  Yet another person to look down on me.  It is a good thing that I am not balding from the top!  They are all doing well.  My brother brought me my yearly birthday-novel.  I can’t wait to start it.  Don’t know how he does it, but each year he chooses something that I would never select for myself and it is wonderful.

Today we got to visit with one of Katrine’s “Yongning Sisters”.  After some skating, we headed to the pool and then the hot tub.  I can’t sing the praises of the hot tub enough.  It helped me to stop hurting for at least an hour!! (Damn fibro is acting up again, sigh)

Then it was out for dinner at Riz.  And what a dinner….gluten free goodness packaged as delectable thai food.  It was heaven to have both good company and good food.  Yes, I posted pictures of the food because it’s lack of gluten failed to detract from its yumminess.  Especially good were the spring rolls.  I can’t remember the last time that I got to eat good spring rolls (I tried to make them once after my diagnosis and they were a failure).  I also posted a headline that was hanging by the door of the restaurant…Hmm, do you think that message is meant for me?

GF Shanghai Noodles

GF Lemon Chicken

GF Spring Rolls

Happy Year of the Rabbit!!

Happy Lunar New Year! The year of the rabbit began with a lot of celebration.  We went to the FCC New Year’s Banquet at the end of January.  It was throughly enjoyed by all.  The food was yummy and the company even better.  It really is a fun evening because alot of the Toronto area families from Katrine’s travel group go as well.  We have a chance to reconnect.  Plus, whenever the girls get together there is definetely free entertainment.  The icing on the cake for that evening (for Katrine at least) was the lion dance.  Once the real dancers are done, they let the girls use their lions.  This year Katrine got to go around the restaurant in the head.

On New Year’s Eve we had just a family evening.  I made a few chinese dishes at home (as you can see from the photo, many less than most years because I am still smarting from my spectacular fall at skating class).  It was a great family evening nonetheless.  Katrine loved her hongbao.  She stuffed all of her new years money into her piggie bank for use in China.

Normally I don’t have anything exciting to report about our second adoption.  For the past few years, my updates have basically been that we are still waiting.  Yes, we are still waiting BUT they are now into the files registered in China during the month of June 2006.  That is our month!!  We are hoping that the year of the rabbit will bring us our referral and trip back to China.

Happy New Year!