What have we been up to?


Playing with her school band at their anniversary fun fair, getting an award for passing 7 skating tests this season and designing her new long program dress.


















Going to a sleepover at the zoo and breaking in her new guitar.













Celebrated his birthday with a relaxing dinner at home with his girls.






Mother’s Day- Grandma T:

Today, Elspeth volunteered with the Brownies to work at the Doors Open/Mother’s Day tea at the local heritage center.  While this was happening, Katrine was treating her Grandma to tea.  Flowers and a yummy dinner complete with jello-a-la-grandkids topped it off.


Crazy Hat Day

Elspeth has really been enjoying school this year (thank goodness).  This past week had both a dance-a-thon and crazy hat day.  The night before, she insisted on creating the masterpiece below.  I think that she did a pretty darn good job.  Don’t forget to look for the tiny gingerbread girl.

Making crazy hat day hat

Guitar Adventures

Elspeth began playing the ukulele a few years ago.  She really wanted a guitar but was simply too small.  Yesterday was the big day.  She became a guitar owner.  Now she will need to work up to the pink paisley guitar of her dreams but the cool red classical that she chose is a good start.  Fingers crossed that it lives up to her expectations.

Her goal
Baba’s got it ….
…now to chose guitar picks. Hmmm, pink.
The anticipation builds as Baba tunes it.
Trying it out
Add the chair behind you and a music book and you have a girl ready for music lessons.

The newest Brownie

Yup we have a new Brownie in the house and he is a penguin!  This past week was pet day at Brownies.  Elspeth was super excited to take her giantt stuffed penguin with her.  She had a wonderful time giving him a check up and even made him an “I am a Brownie” necklace.

And now she is a teen

We have come a long way since we had Miss K’s very first birthday party 12 years ago.  We had just been home about a month and a half.  She was just getting settled.  We marked the occassion by celebrating with our friends and their kids with an animal theme birthday party.  This year sees her much more grown up but no less special to us.






The theme for her party was not animals but all things Japanese and pink.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  She marked her actual birthday with smaller celebrations with friends at school and skating before being taken out for pho by her dad.  Then we had some green tea and red bean cake at home before presents.  I can honestly say that the pillow Miss E sewed specially for her was her favourite gift of the evening.

Katrine’s 13th

















The next day, I treated the girls to the Unicorn Frappucino.  How magical!  Since then I have found a recipe for a similar layered milkshake made with real fruit.  It looks similar and I can’t wait to give it a try.  Certainly much healthier and what a great way to sneak in more servings of fruit.

Unicorn Frappucino







Today was her All thing Japanese party.  She commissioned her sister to help paint some cherry blossoms and colour artwork to decorate the walls while I was asked to get pink supplies.  She contributed some of her kawaii cuties.  We made little take out boxes for the loot bags (I mean, a bit over board but it is likely the last mommy thrown party).  The event began with sushi hand picked by Katrine.  Then an anime movie followed by a variety of Japanese treats (okay, the Brownies were not Japanese but we did need to have something main stream) and gifts.  She had a great time hanging out with her friends.






















Elspeth?  Well she got to spend all afternoon with Baba.  They went for their own sushi and then hit three different parks before stopping at Cosmo to check out 1/2 size guitars.  Yup, she has been given the green light to look for a guitar.  Soon it will be good bye ukulele!

Happy Easter!

The weekend began on Good Friday with a fun breakfast before church.  Then we had the privelege of seeing Katrine participate in the running of service at church.  Really proud of her.






Then it was off to my parents for birthday dinner for both mom and Katrine complete with butter tarts and an exciting gift for Katrine…money!  Saturday dawned with a rainy day for the Lion’s Club egg hunt but the girls got in the spirit of it and walked away with their first batch of treats.






















This morning dawned to gifts from their grandparents, full baskets and an egg hunt.  The Easter bunny was tricky this year and hid the eggs all over the house instead of just in one room.  Took the girls a while to find them all but they were laughing all the time.  I was enjoying the hunt as I am not sure how many more Katrine will agree to do for her sister.

Season Finale

This year it was just Katrine in the show as Elspeth has been taking private lessons which works better for our schedule.  It would have been great to watch them both our there but we greatly enjoyed watching Katrine.

She loved this number.
I think that we didn’t do too badly on this zombie costume.

April’s Fools Breakfast

Elspeth woke up yesterday morning determined to play a joke on someone.  We harnessed that energy making breakfast.  Doesn’t it look yummy?

Pink milk and purple french toast.

Sugaring Off Season

We broke with tradition and did not drive up north to my parents’ for their maple sirop festival.  Instead, we went to our local celebration which was surprisingly well done.  They had a great combination of indoor and outdoor activities and apparently the pancake breakfast was delicious!

Local First Nations’ artifacts. Very interesting.
Small scale sap/sirop boiler.

Pretending to put a spile in a tree.
Hey! Baba is a big enough tree for one tap.

Uncle Tim Got Married!!!

We were honoured to be invited to Tim and Laura’s wedding this past week.  The fact that they thought to include the girls as honourary flower girls made it extra special.  We wish them a long and happy life together.  Congratulations!

Yup, she filmed the wedding.

Oh, and Elspeth now likes tomatoes! Bonus!