At the splashpad

at the splashpad #2

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Well I finally went and got a Digital SLR (a Nikon D200 if you’re wondering)… it’s a reward for all the work I’ve been doing, and will be doing especially on Father’s Day.

So we went for a walk with Katrine to the local splashpad. It was a good way to test the new camera, and a great way for Katrine to get cold 🙂

Another long time between updates

Well I guess that moving does take a lot out of you.  We have all been feeling under the weather (I have another upper-respiratory infection) and Katrine is feeling just about as well.  We also found out that Heather had a untreated 1st degree sprain of her foot that caused much pain and a locked ankle and calf muscle… yeah we’re really healthy over here.

Things are looking up though.  We are slowly getting unpacked and we are definitely feeling settled in that we now more often call it “The House”, rather than “The New House”.  With Christmas around the corner we should have a few new postings and maybe some pictures.

Offline for a few days

Just to let you know that we will not have an internet connection for a few days untill we are all re-connected. If you need to get a hold of us On Wednesday, try our cell phones. Our landline should be operational by the end of Wednesday.

House update

Well I’ve got quite a bit done, and there is a lot more to do. So far I’ve painted the family room, living/dining room, and the master bedroom (2 coats, but it probably needs a third in the spring). The parquet floor in the family room, living/dining room was sanded, stained a dark oak, and had 4 coats of satin polyurethane applied (by a professional, not me). And the laminate is down in the master bedroom (by same said professional).

Now for the bad news. The bathrooms are in worse shape that we originally thought. There is lots of bubbling plaster and peeling paint that I chipped this evening, so I probably will not be done prep till tomorrow (Tuesday) because of spackling and sanding and washing with T.S.P. Also we talked to our window “guy” who has no news, which is definatly not good news, and is still waiting on the mill to finish production of our windows.

Things are still moving forward, the ducts and furnace will be cleaned this week, and the carpets will be cleaned next Monday. Also it looks like I’ll be getting some help from Tim, Bill, and perhaps Kris & Mark to finish off the painting this weekend (Yeah!).

more updates as they happen!

Been busy…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we’ve been busy getting ready to move into our new house. Actually we’re getting ready to take possession of the new place and do lots of fix-ups. New windows, new and repaired flooring, and lots of painting and cleaning will be the order of the day from October 3 until we move on October 25.

In the meantime, we managed to find time to go to the Kite Festival. We really had a good time, and wore Katrine out. She did get to fly her first kite though (it didn’t stay up for long).

We were also in and out of London last Saturday for Charles’ 4th birthday. The indoor playground was a blast for the kids, and we were sure that Katrine would sleep the whole way home, but no… 15 minutes was all she needed. Of course she looked spaced anyway.

Moving on up…

Well it’s finally official, we bought a house. After a minor mix up at the bank (we take possesion Oct 16, not Aug 26), I dropped the cheque and waiver off with Karen. Now we get to stress about painting, cleaning, moving, etc. We do have 10 days overlap, so that should help. If you don’t hear from us in the latter half of October, don’t worry we’ll be coming up for air once in a while.

Oh, and if you feel like painting let us know!

Playdate in Orillia

On Friday, and Katrine and I traveled up to Orillia for a playdate with some more of Katrine’s Yongning “sisters”. The girls had a blast running, climbing, swinging and sliding. When they were done with that they played restaurant, dug in the sand or had some snacks. It was wonderful to see how each girl has grown and mastered new skills while still being that child who you first saw on Gotcha Day in Nanning.

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