An Outdoorsy Family Day Weekend

The weather was glorious this weekend and we took a step back from the daily grind to head north to my parents.  It was well worth it and we all had fun…perhaps Elspeth most of all.

There was cross country skiing,

Her brand new skiis.
Her new skiis

Glenn and Katrine took off.
This is how warm it was.





















animal tracks and

We saw some animal tracks.

Only Glenn got one to land on his hand.


















some time in the snow enjoying the sunshine.  Great start to the weekend.

Had to help Grandpa with the ice on his driveway.

The end of Juvenile

As Katrine’s competitive season in Juvenile draws to a close, I thought that I would share some photos from her final competition.  She ended with a personal best score for the season which was not to bad coming back from a sprained ankle.  Now on to preparing for next season.

Snapshot of January

It has been a busy start to the year between Glenn getting a new car, Elspeth skating, my birthday, Chinese New Year and life in general.  I felt it was time to give you a glimpse into our month.

My birthday was super fun.  A special thank you for all of the birthday wishes.  They made me feel special.

Thank you Shirley. You should never take it too seriously.
Thank you Glenn.
Yup, gluten free!
Thank you Zaheed & Cheri. They were beautiful.

Here is a look at what is likely Elspeth’s last skating competition (second last if she changes her mind).  She brought home a silver ribbon and had fun doing it.

She also enjoyed the skate park outside on the mild day.












Chinese New Year festivities were low key this year and involved scratch and win tickets.  Unfortunately, no one won but we had some good laughs scratching.














Both girls are enjoying lego and finished up some of the projects they got for Christmas.

Oh, the Brownies also visited the local police station…..
…and had a culture day.