The day she turned 12

Well, it is now official.  The Big K is the Big 12.  Her party is this coming weekend and in traditional Katrine style there will be brownies instead of cake.  I mean, on her actual birthday she opted for a mango mouse confection.  Apparently it was delicious and was “The perfect way to end the day!”  Proud of my big’un.

IMG_8498 IMG_8499

Our Big’un is turning 12!

Yup, one more sleep and she is twelve.  What have we got planned?  Well, tomorrow is pretty much a regular school day. Chocolate croissants, fruit and bacon will be her special breakfast while lunch is a surprise of sweet and sour chicken. Of course she still skates, but she has some cupcakes to share at skating (nut free of course).  Then her choice for dinner – fish sticks (now that is a gift to mom) followed by homework while her sister is at Sparks.  After that it will be time for dessert and gifts.  Lots of small special moments instead of big things.








That said, don’t feel sorry for her.  Missy K has already begun to celebrate her birthday.  You see, she shares her birthday month with her Grandmother so the day of the finale we did a dinner out followed by gifts and cake at our house.  This cake is both my mom and Katrine’s favourite – traditional chinese fruit cake, which is acutally white sponge with fruit/melon between the layers, covered in cream.  Katrine received a book and the pair of Mickey Ears that she was not able to find when we were at Disney last year.






















12 – Time goes by so fast.  Hopefully it will be a wonderful day for her.


Season finale

this year was a big year for us in that it is the firt time that both girls have been in the same season finale.  They also, both had a great time. The coaches worked hard to make the practises fun and the choreography interesting.  I need to send a special thanks put to my mom for doing extensive alterations in order to ensure that Elspeth’s costume actually fit her.  It was a really nice way to start the month as all three grandparents were able to join us for the show.

Apparently these shades are swag.
Apparently these shades are swag.
my little sparkly girl.
my little sparkly girl.


Proud pair
Proud pair

A busy weekend

This past weekend Elspeth had her last skating competition of the year.  She chose to wear her new “big girl” skating outfit as she likes to call it.  I am very proud of her.  She went out and had fun while we watched with her Grammy.  Plus she got to take home a silver place ribbon.

















However, her day was not over.  Oh no, she had to head out to her second birthday party of the weekend.  This one was at rock climbing using a top rope.  The party was at a new climbing place that we went to for the first time last weekend with another friend. Before anyone asks, she climbs and I watch egging her on.  That time she tried bouldering which is climbing without the harness.  With the help of the mom who went with us, she was able to make it to the top of the small boulder wall once and got to go down the slide.  She had more success hanging around on the twister wall.  Will we go back?  Pretty much yes because she has asked to do a week of camp there this summer!

Elspeth got dolled up for baskets and egg hunt complete with an Easter bonnet.




School Concert Time

March drew to a close with a school concert.  Elspeth’s spring concert.  Her class had worked very hard on practising a play and a song.  They did a great job.  It was utterly adorable.  Elspeth was particularly pleased with the fact that she and I had crafted her mouse ears and tails together.

Ears from Bristol board and glitter foam with a headband.
Ears from Bristol board and glitter foam with a headband.
They don't look half bad!
They don’t look half bad!
Tail from a white nylon cut and braided.
Tail from a white nylon cut and braided.