‘Twas the Night Before Halloween…

….and all through the kitchen, two girls were bustling about.  They coloured and glittered, painted and planned all before the real fun began.  Carving pumpkins!!  Isn’t that one of the best parts of the pre-Halloween build up?  I know that they really enjoyed it as did we.  I am the official scooper assistance which is hilarious because growing up it was Scott who was the official scooper.  I mean, ugh – pumpking guts.  Katrine shares my aversion but Elspeth got in there and it looks like I may have an assistant next year!!!  I however, do not enjoy the actual carving.  That is a Glenn job and he does it well.  Anyways, it was fun all around.

IMG_3631 IMG_3632 IMG_3641 IMG_3638




















On Tuesday there was a Halloween party and parade at Sparks.  Elspeth was full of smiles all of the way to and from Sparks.  Upon entering the house she ran to find her Baba because she simply HAD to show him her loot.  I loved their craft.  They made Halloween lanterns and Elspeth is so looking forward to carrying it.  That said, I am fully expecting that which ever one of us goes out with the kids will end up carrying it after about two houses.

IMG_3625 IMG_3644

Halloween has begun

What a lovely day it was today.  Lots of sunshine, a touch of breeze  and the shower was in the morning so it was awesome.












We enjoyed an afternoon out with a friend and his kids at our local Safety Village for some trick or treating.  The candy was great but the girls enjoyed the cotton candy and free book even more.  I am delighted that that free book was high up there.

IMG_3610 IMG_3611 IMG_3612



















We had to park quite far away from the village but the walk was wonderful.  The girls were thrilled at the amount of fallen leaves all around.  The ran through them, threw them at each other and just generally had fun.  Made me wish that there were a few more mature trees around our house.

IMG_3621 IMG_3608

Officially a Spark

This week Elspeth officially became a Spark.  She was so happy during the ceremony.  She almost skipped across the rainbow to get her badges.  Then when she was asked to help serve us she practically danced across with the juice and cupcakes.  She certainly is one happy Spark.

IMG_3578 IMG_3580 IMG_3591

Elspeth’s Big Show

This afternoon was Elspeth’s big show with the band.  Unfortunately, her teacher broke an ankle and Elspeth had to cope with a substitute.  That said, the substitute is a totally lovely woman who was very patient.  However, she doesn’t flourish so Elspeth did her show but didn’t flourish.  She looked adorable and was pretty proud of herself even without the flourishing.  Not bad for 9 months of lessons.

IMG_3566 IMG_3559 IMG_3571

My baby is 5

Three short years ago we held Elspeth for the very first time and today she is 5.  She had a wonderful day and we enjoyed it with her.  That said, I am a bit sad because today reminded me of that time we missed.  Anyways, enough sad talk.  It really was a great day.

She is this many fingers.
She is this many fingers.













Elspeth requested last night that she be allowed to start the day with donuts.  So once we were all up and organized we headed out to Tims.  Of course, the downside of a sugar protein-less breakfast are the mood swings which hit.  Thankfully a lunch of leftover ham went a long way to curing that problem.









Donuts were followed by presents.  The favourite BY FAR was Katrine’s gift – a giant Penguin.  Now, Katrine saw this penguin back in August when we were out once day and begged me to go back and buy it because Elspeth simply had to have it for her birthday.  So off I dutifully went one evening and after a month and a half the penguin finally made it out of the cupboard.  He was greated with shreaks of join and spent the rest of the day being loved on.  Elspeth is beside herself happy that her penguin family now has a daddy.











Glenn’s family joined us for Thanksgiving tonight and this time it was turkey and all of the fixings minus the pies.  In honour of Elspeth’s birthday we had cake.  Yup, when offer ice cream, fruit, cookies, any number of suggestions which were offered; she insisted on cake.  I got smart and went with Glenn’s favourite figuring at least someone would eat it.  Well thank you McCain.  Tonight’s cake hit the spot and was enjoyed by all with the exceptIMG_3531ion of me.








Of course, dinner was followed by more gifts and oohs and aahs. Before she finally had to take off her Elsa dress and get ready for school.  Tomorrow she gets to be special helper AND go to Sparks so it will be a great day.





Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Also known as turkey and ham feasting weekend!!! Mmmmmm.

Dad had to sleep off the effects of too much food.
Dad had to sleep off the effects of too much food.













We began with my family’s celebration.  It is always great to see everyone.  I know it hasn’t been that long but the kids are all growing up so fast.  I mean my niece is in high school so it is even more important.  She is almost grown up :(.  Too fast.  Gotta really make the most of this time and the kids certainly did.  They laughed, talked and even had a snowball fight.  I love how much of a good sport their cousins are.  Even though the eldest is  older by four years she gets down and joins in whenever they ask.  They both love it.












This was also the year where I had pie for dessert.  Yup, gluten free pie.  I made Elspeth and myself a gluten free lemon pie in honour of her birthday.  The lovely non-GF pumpkin was made by my sister-in-law and that ended up being for her upcoming birthday.  It was great.


Thank you Pillsbury GF crust.
Thank you Pillsbury GF crust.
Loving the painted leaves.
Loving the painted leaves.
This was one of our centerpieces.  Elspeth made it at Sparks.
This was one of our centerpieces. Elspeth made it at Sparks.






















Dinner was of course followed by presents and some time outside in the sun.  Oh, and a nap for grandpa.  Ample amounts of food will do that to you.


Both birthday girls.
Both birthday girls.

IMG_3482 IMG_3462


















The next morning, grandma helped the girls christen Elspeth’s new Babycakes maker.  They worked together to create toast cups for scrambled eggs.  No, they were not perfect but they had fun making them.










The final surprise of the day was the arrival of drumming socks for Elspeth just in time for her up coming show.


5th Birthday Party


Today was Elspeth’s 5th birthday party.  What a happy girl.  I can’t believe that in just a week my little will be 5!  What was the theme of the party?  Why Frozen of course!  Is there any other party theme at the present time? 🙂  We had bought her a Elsa dress for her birthday but it seemed that today was the best time to give it to her.  What a lovely smile we received in return.  No fears, we didn’t leave Katrine out.  I recently found an Olaf t-shirt on sale when I was out running errands.  Our party assistant was not only thematic but loving her new outfit.

The decorations were simple.  A combination of bought (donated by wonderful friends after their daughter’s party – thank you, you made Elspeth happy) and homemade.  My favourite decorations were the sign made by Elspeth and the Pin the Nose on Olaf game.  It was Katrine’s brain child.  She took it and ran with it. The funny thing about the game was how each player, inspite of having a blindfold on, managed to get Olaf’s nose in the correct place.  Birthday party luck? Fluck?  Don’t know, but they had fun which is what matters.











Because it is a young kid’s party we had a lot of options.  That way they could move from an activity to another when they became bored.  As long as they were happy it was all good.  We did plan one whole group activity so that we could get the food out while the children were otherwise occupied.  It was an Indoor Snowball Fight!!!!  Balls of stuffing being flung through the air at each other and oft times at the adults.  Laughter, laughter and more laughter.  I would highly recommend this as a party activity.  In fact, I am saving it for the girls to use this winter on those super cold days.

IMG_3408 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3423




















I found that these are cheap and kids love to run around my downstairs through these.
I found that these are cheap and kids love to run around my downstairs through these.













IMG_3413 IMG_3414















We finished up with treats and then gifts.  I have to admit that I love giving the kids parties.  I have such great memories from my own childhood parties.  They rocked and thinking of them always makes me smile.  One part that I have fond memories of are my mom’s cakes.  One year she made me a teddy bear sitting up and another my very own Cabbage Patch Kid.  It was awesome.  My girls love to make cake and gladly stood outside with their dad mixing up the batter yesterday.  The gladly iced them and covered them with blue sugar.  They proudly served them today but it was the guests who ate them.  Both girls declared “We don’t like them.”  Sigh.










Here is my question to you.  What do you do instead of birthday cakes?  Suggestions welcome.




Markham Fair

We ended the week with a fun family outing to Markham Fair.  It was really fun…aside from the rain.  With all of the rides wet, the girls were a bit disappointed.  I was disappointed that I was the only one interested in the tractor pull.  Loud engines, bellowing smoke, what is there not to like?  Maybe next year we will need to try either the Monster Trucks or Demolition Derby.









Anyways, we did see the Super Dogs show.  Which was as enjoyable as at the CNE.  Those dogs are really talented and not to mention adorable.  From there we went off to grab some food.  Boy was I surprised to discover that I got to eat too!!  While Glenn and the girls munched on roast beef Kaisers I enjoyed a steaming baked potatoe full of green onions, cheese and BACON!  Everything is better with bacon.

Markham Fair dinner









From there we headed to the exhibit buildings to see how the girls had done.  Did I not mention that not only was this the summer of popsicles but also of crafting for the fair.  The crafting ran right up until the last day when Glenn supervised the making of rice krispie treats for the kids catergory.  I think that was the highlight of Katrine’s fair prep.  Elspeth enjoyed all of the art, and we did lots – veggie prints, fingerpainting, stickers, stampers, cutting, glueing  Me?  Watching my girls create.  My least favourite memory?  Having my fingers burned while holding things that were being glued.   They did well.  They didn’t place in everything but that is okay.  Nevertheless, they will be happy when they get to actually hold their ribbons on Sunday.

The girls at work:

IMG_2727 IMG_2762











At the Fair:

IMG_3369 IMG_3402

IMG_3395 IMG_3394 IMG_3393 IMG_3403