Tenor Drummer Takes the Stage for the First Time

What a weekend.  The girls got to break out the sprinkler one last time.  They raked leaves and jumped in them.  Ran around, screamed, laughed, smiled.  It was a great weekend with that alone.  Then it got better.












The pipe band was invited to play at the local theater open house.  So off we went!  My parents had picked up Elspeth’s new kilt on Monday and she is use to her drum now, so the timing was perfect.

Once the band members attending had gathered they marched out with our little drummer girl at the end of the line.  Proudly drumming as she walked.  They played in and then after Oh Canada played Scotland the Brave before playing themselves out.  She was adorable and did a great job.  The past 9 months of practising have been well worth it as you can tell by the smile on her face.  Next big drumming thing is her show at the end of the month.

IMG_3344 IMG_3349 IMG_3355 IMG_3358



















Video: To follow!!!

When the band was done, the girls got to explore the other exhibits.  Meeting Curious George, eating gelato and cupcakes before coming home to more outside playtime.IMG_3362


We have a Spark!

Today was Elspeth’s first day of Sparks.  She was sooo excited.  In fact, she asked first thing this morning when she would get to go to Sparks.  I was a Brownie back in the day and only quit when it came time to chose between dance and Guiding.  A lot of great memories.  Hopefully it will be as fun for her and we got off to a great start tonight.

Here she is, our Spark.


Our first fall fair

This weekend we went to our first fall fair/Charles’ birthday weekend.  As usual, get the cousins together and fun was had by all.  The fact that the kick off parade supplied ample candy may have helped things get off to a cracker jack start.  Now let me explain the reason that most pictures are of Elspeth.  Katrine spent large chunks of the day with her cousins – on big kid rides, admiring their entries, looking at animals or playing at the park.   Elspeth got to hang with us – little kid rides, kids zone, park.  Family time and smiles.  After seeing all of their cousins’ entries (2 firsts to boot! whoot! whoot!) the girls got even more excited about their own entries for our up coming fair.

Of course the girls loved the pink tractor....
Of course the girls loved the pink tractor….
...and the pink and purple hot rod.
…and the pink and purple hot rod.
Walking back to their house we passed this amazing display.  Happy fall!
Walking back to their house we passed this amazing display. Happy fall!
Elspeth found some wheat and then turned it into a wheat family by breaking it apart.
Elspeth found some wheat and then turned it into a wheat family by breaking it apart.
"He, he mommy.  A pumpkin on the potty."
“He, he mommy. A pumpkin on the potty.”

IMG_3318 IMG_3314 IMG_3310

Look at how tall they both are!
Look at how tall they both are!


A Hot Shot is born

We just found out today that Katrine is a Hot Shot.  A member of the Skater Ontario Hot Shot Team that is.  Very proud of our wee skatey miss.  She worked hard at the seminar in August and got chosen to this year’s team (sorry, fell down on the job and didn’t get photos).  What does this mean?  That she has potential I guess.  Definetely that she is working hard and improving.  So I am not 100% sure what I am bragging about other than that she made some province wide team for her skating and will be monitored and maybe get to go to a seminar.  Just the same, Yeah Skater Katrine!!!!


An Apple Pie

It was a banner day today.  I baked an apple pie of the gluten free variety that did not suck!! Yup, it is true.  The pie did not suck.  It actually tasted like my apple pie of olden days with all of its appley goodness.  Thank you Pillsbury for the excellent gluten free pastry.  I am a bit rusty but inspite of that it rolled out really nicely and browned nicely and was flaky to boot.  Delicious!  To top it off, I had to super cute helpers.

I put Katrine to work peeling and chopping.
I put Katrine to work peeling and chopping.
Elspeth was unhappy that she wasn't allowed to chop.  Eventually she got into laying the apples and adding cinnamon.
Elspeth was unhappy that she wasn’t allowed to chop. Eventually she got into laying the apples and adding cinnamon.

IMG_3278 IMG_3279 GF apple pie


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

What a beautiful moon there was tonight.  I think that it was the first time we have been able to see the rabbit in the moon.  Beautiful.












With bellies full of mooncakes the girls headed out for lantern time.  They really love their musical lanterns; probably because they are once a year toys.  Oh and they come with a later bedtime.

IMG_3147 IMG_3152 IMG_3150











Happy Moon Festival!


An Elsa Moon Festival

The real Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is not until tomorrow but some good friends host a moon festival party each year so we get to stretch out our celebration.  It was an Elsa festival because can you guess who came???  Chinese Elsa, complete with white hair.  I must say that she was remarkably cute.  Her royal highness stayed at the party for about 2 hours, only leaving once dinner appeared.  Oddly enough, she showed back up after dinner but her face looked rather different and this time she had a twin! (OK, I must admit that I was biased in favour of the first Elsa but the other two were also adorable).

IMG_3047 - Copy

Elsa needed some lipstick at one point.
Elsa needed some lipstick at one point.













The girls had a lot of fun crafting lanterns, eating moon cakes and of course going on a lantern parade with their friends.

IMG_3074 - Copy IMG_3071 - Copy IMG_3065 - Copy IMG_3098 - Copy











IMG_3082 - Copy










The hostess even thought of me and made some gluten free moon cookies which were delicious.  May need to add them to our yearly tradition.

IMG_3061 - Copy








This afternoon after church, we all headed out to the orchard for apple picking. It was a gorgeous day and we got a bag full of a combination of bakers and small eaters for lunches.  I love that the girls have learned to pick apples that are about the size they can eat in one sitting.  I hate cleaning apple schmutz off of the inside of lunch bozes.  Yuck!

IMG_3129 IMG_3128 - Copy










While we were there the girls were snacking on apples.  Now Katrine has had two lose teeth all summer.  She lost one last week but the other was hanging in there.  She was walking along happily munching when she started to tear up.  Turns out her tooth had come out and she couldn’t see it in the apple.  A quick reassurance that the tooth fairy would still come dried the tears.  Before bed she composed a note to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened and politely requesting that she leave something anyways.

IMG_3134 IMG_3141










It has been a really nice fall weekend.  I am hoping that this week is a bit calmer at work so that I can get around to making up some GF apple pies.  Mmmm.

IMG_3145 IMG_3142

How to make a teensy tenor drum

When you have a teensy girl who is learning how to drum, you need to find a teensy drum which is pretty impossible.  So, what is a parent to do….make one.

Step 1: Purchase a Tom drum and dress it up with black ribbon and glue gun so it looks less toy and more drum.

IMG_2714 IMG_2715










Step 2:  Make hubby design and build a holder for said drum.  This will allow teensy drummer to walk and drum when she reaches the level of being able to co-ordinate these two activities.

IMG_2718 IMG_2719










Step3: Paint holder to make it look professional.  Add three dog collars (’cause they are just the right size) and two wrist sweatbands for shoulder straps (sweatbands to stop the bands from rubbing on little shoulders) and waist belt.

Step4:  Attach to child and viola! A teensy tenor drum.  Now we are just waiting to add the kilt and grandma’s cream socks and we will be ready to play with the band.

After getting measured for her kilt in preparation for the big show.
After getting measured for her kilt in preparation for the big show.