Another busy weekend

Friday saw us dancing in the rain.  The girls simply had to take out their umbrellas and break them in.

Yesterday we were busy balancing getting the house ready for Katrine’s party and enjoying the outdoors.  Glenn and Katrine whipped up the cupcakes and then she and I got down to icing them while Elspeth practised her flourishing (she is getting much better).  The girls also went about creating the decorations and loot bags for the candy movie extraveganza.  Then it was time to get outside for some much needed fresh air and exercise.

I love Katrine’s cloud raining down meatballs.

Her smiling bathroom sign got a few comments from the girls.

Doesn’t it look like red Easter eggs hangining in mid-air?

This morning while Elspeth played with Baba, I put Katrine to work on prepping some of the healthier snack options and organizing things.

Craft zone in case guests got bored with the movie.

Yup, had to put some veggies into the mix.  They even got eaten.


After all of the guests headed home, we headed outside (for Elspeth it was back outside because she and Glenn had biked over to the park and Tims during the party to escape the squeels and chatter).  It was a beautiful afternoon.

She really doesn’t jump quite as well as it appears.

A busy Easter weekend for all

What a great weekend it has been so far.  Only one day of rain and the rest of sun!  A nice spring day.

On Friday, we started the day off with rain.  It led to some great puddle splashing in the afternoon.  Then, we had a great Easter dinner with my parents. Turkey, the fixings and bunny shaped birthday cake.

The girls decided to dress up and surprise their grandparents with their Easter finery.

My happy birthday girl.

We finally got to see my mom’s latest craft project – Easter Bonnets!  They were adorable and loved by all.

My beautiful mom

On Saturday, we started the day with the Lion’s Club Egg Hunt.  The girls got to meet the Easter Bunny (a big deal to Elspeth and Katrine was game and humoured her sister), faces painted and balloons.  Katrine was in awe of the field full of eggs just waiting to be found.  Elspeth was excited to get to sit in a fire truck (although she still insists that she wants to fly like a bird).  Then it was time for the hunt. The buzzer went and the race for an egg was on.  The girls gleefully filled their baskets full of eggs before we headed to the local legion for cookies and hot chocolate before claiming our giant chocolate bunnies from Grandpa.

After the excitement of the hunt we headed back to my parents where we let the girls run off some of that sugar energy in the backyard.  We also had Katrine’s present time.  One of her favourite gifts was her Great Nana’s easel.  After running around, she took the easel outside for some art time.  I think that she is already planning her next big art project.

Sigh, snow still.  At least it was fun to jump off of.

Waiting for gifts.

Ooh, pastels….

The moment that she saw her easel.  Happy girl.

Her doll was her very first model.

This morning dawned with Easter baskets followed by an egg hunt.  Giggles, smiles and happy girls.  I think that the big sheep pillows and fleece blankets were among their favourite treasures.

When we got home this afternoon we had some outside time, finished up some homework before our final birthday/Easter dinner.  BBQ’d burgers.  Delicious.  Made even more yummy because Grammy joined us.  I love how much the girls love their grandparents.  Katrine had asked for the bunny cake as well as an ice cream cake.  Well, we had my version of ice cream cake.  A block of ice cream with a variety of toppings.  Tons of toppings.

Mint chocolate chip “cake”



Getting ready for Easter

It is that time of year again to dye some eggs.  Today was the perfect day to do it given that there was no way I was going to stand outside in the cold watching the girls ride bikes and then complain about being cold.  So, instead we boiled and coloured eggs.  The bonus is that tomorrow’s lunches are already started.

Thornhill Fun Skate

What a day!  Elspeth enjoyed herself to a point.  There is a new format for the CanSkate elements and we were not adequately prepared for her to be on the ice 30-45 minutes.  She had on her lighter dress and no sweater.  In other words, she was freezing by the time she got off and pretty miserable until she warmed up.  From a parent’s point of view it was kinds hard to follow what was going on.  I am not sure which elements she actually finished.  That said, she must have done them all because she received a gold overall ranking for her perfomance along with a red and gold ribbon which put a smile on her face.

Katrine got to have a little visit with one of her China sisters and was super happy.

Homework…an excuse to get outside

Yup.  Today’s homework forced us to get outside in the fresh spring air.  You see, Katrine needed to find rocks and I wouldn’t allow her to just nick a few from our neighbour’s nicely landscaped from yard.  As a result, we had a lovely after dinner walk through the local wetlands.  Katrine got her walk, we all got some exercise and we had the perfect excuse to take a look at the spring changes.

Okay, homework is done!

Plus, we saw our first mushroom of the year.

The Easter Fun Begins

We had our first Easter egg hunt of the season this morning and the weather co-operated wonderfully.  Sun, warmth, dry what more could we ask for – a perfect egg hunting day.  The kids and some friends ran around our small backyard (whose snow has thankfully mostly melted).  We topped it off by trading in the plastic eggs for just one gift instead of a slew of candies. All the kids were happy and it was less junk to kick off the season of eggs.  We also had the kids make personal pizza.  The girls had a fabulous time and it was a morning full of smiles and giggles.  The stuff that memories are made of.

After our full morning, we took the girls out for a ride.  Katrine was thrilled because she got to break in her new bike.



Elspeth’s first ice show

Okay, just so that you can all get your Katrine fix too.  Here is a photo of her taken last night at the airport while waiting to meet friends bringing their newest daughter home from China.

Now onto Elspeth’s ice show.  To sum it up – CUTE!  A whole row of littles giving it their best.  Of course she was the smallest by far but she kept up and had a great time doing it.

I think the funniest part was waiting with her in the change room for her turn.  She decided to do some off ice work.

“See, I can stretch my leg up behind my head like Katrine.” (Hmmm, more like we can start having you take your own skate guards off!)

“Look mom!  I’m doing a Y stand!” ( Hmm, not quite but adorable nonetheless.)