Primary Stars Team!

We now have a CanSkater of the Month and a new member of the Central Ontario Primary Stars Figure Skating Team in our house!!! (Yup, proud mama moment)

We got the email today.  Katrine has been selected as a member of this year’s Primary Stars Team!!! 🙂 She is super excited.  When I got home from drumming with Elspeth tonight she ran up to me and jumped in my arms while telling me the news.  It was great to see her so very exctied about something that she has put so much time and effort into.  A special YEAH to all her coaches.

Some photos of our Katrine on ice.



For fun.  It is all about the skating for her.

A Princess in our House

Elspeth has reached the age where princesses have begun to be interesting.  The one who has captured her fantasy is Elsa from Frozen.  For the past week she has asked us to call her Baby Elsa.  She has watched Let it Go as often as she is allowed, nicknamed her sister Olaf (Katrine’s favourite character from the movie) and practised making snow out of bubbles in the bath.

Yesterday she went to school with her crown on her head.  Upon entering, she introduced herself as Baby Elsa.  It appears that she kept it up all day because she not only came home with the crown, a new ring and necklace that she had made but also a story of how they had made snowmen and ice castles at recess.  At bedtime she chose, of course, the Frozen book we have.  She pointed out that Elsa was wearing a blue dress and asked to wear hers to school.

This morning saw her dressed in her Elsa dress.  She was beyond excited.  When I picked her up, she was still making pretend snow.  In fact, she proudly showed me the paper airplane she had made and announced that it was a snow plane.  Loving the creativity.

Proud girl first thing in the morning.

Here she goes making snow!

Still posing like a princess at the end of the day.


Stuffed Animal Day at Skating

Yup, it was stuffy day for Elspeth this past weekend at skating.  She decided to take her two My Little Ponies.  Pinkie Pie had to sit with me and watch, under strict instructions that she was also to cheer.  Rainbow Dash was the braver of the pair and she ventured out on the ice with Elspeth.  Considering that she was working with four feet and no brain, Rainbow Dash did great.  Her first time on the ice and she only fell once!  (Okay, Elspeth dropped her but isn’t the other version cuter?)

Oh!  Elspeth was also named one of the CanSkaters of the Month for February!  Here she is in mid jump…

Sorry, bit blurry.

Club Comp, Starskate Championships and Family Day Weekend

Elspeth acutally made it to Club comp this year – no concussions, and she had a great time.  Here is her experience in pictures.  Oh, and the headband was in her loot bag.


While we were at Club Comp, Glenn and Katrine were at the COS StarSkate championships.  Katrine popped out a jumbo double salchow at the start of her program and couldn’t hold the landing.  That threw her off for the rest of the program.  Nevertheless, we are proud of her 10th place finish in her flight.

When she and Glenn got home, we all climbed into the car and headed up to my parents.  We spent yesterday introducing the cousins to the joys of cross country skiing.  Elspeth did much better but became frustrated that she still couln’t keep up.  We may need to look into another option that will allow us to ski as a family.

The kids also enjoyed the huge mounds of snow at my parents.  They had a blast on their tobboggans and the weather was mild enough that the grown ups weren’t freezing.

Elspeth really wanted to climb this snowbank.

Elspeth thought this was a great lark.  Kept asking her uncle to dump her.  Good thing that the snow was nice and soft.



Valentines Day Attwood Style!

We have been really enjoying the Olympics and Valentines Day has been no exception.  What a treat it was to watch the men’s long program.  I even did not do my traditional Valentine’s nails because of the Olympics.  Feeling really proud of the atheletes.

Enough about that.  Time for some valentines.  The day began with a nice breakfast.  My favourite part were the heart shaped eggs.  I found the pan tucked away at the back of the cupboard last month and today provided the perfect opportunity to use it.  The girls informed me that I am to now make heart shaped eggs each year.  They both loved their pillows.  We almost couldn’t get Elspeth to leave hers at home when it was time to head out the door.  Yup, no candy on the table for them.  They seem to get plenty at school either during class or after care parties or with Valentines.  The last thing they need is even more.

When I picked up the girls we headed out for groceries.  We were planning on having chocolate fondue for dessert and I wanted the fruit to be nice and fresh.  Apparently, celebrating Valentines Day can be hard work.  As you can see, Elspeth had to lay down in the cart.

Katrine contributed a special decoration to our dinner table.  She had made a small beeswax candle at school.  Of course we had to light it because “it makes it more romantic” (giggle, giggle).

Neither girl could believe that they were going to be allowed to shove their fruit into a pot of warm chocolate.  Elspeth, of course, ended up with chocolate everywhere.  It looked like she had fingerpainted with brown paint.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture before we cleaned her up.  I did manage to get a picture of Katrine fishing a strawberry out of the chocolate.  She had some difficulty keeping the fruit on the fork…not that she was complaining about having to eat a piece of fruit dripping with chocolatey goodness.

And lastly some random cuteness.  Elspeth’s aftercare has been learning about space.  They have made a few different solar systems and have a simple telescope for the kids to play with in the drama corner.  They also made an astronaut cut out.  I couldn’t resist.  Here is Elspeth the Astronaut.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Winter Olympics!!

It is that wonderful time of year again fondly known in our house as the Winter Olympics.  It is a time where the kids get to eat in front of the tv and watch as much sports as they can handle.  This year’s Olympics have also provided us with the excuse to pull out a favourite skating dress.


In December 2009, the Olympic torch passed through town.  At that time, my Grandma sent money over and we bought Katrine a red skating dress…her first new dress in fact.  She wore that dress when she skated in the celebration show commerating the torch relay.

This past weekend, the skating club had a red and white day in honour of our atheletes in Sochi.  It was time to break out the red dress.  It was too wide around and too long on the sleeves but Little One was super proud of her stylish dress.  Contined good luck to our atheletes.

Even more snow

After a fabulous Chinese New Year party with Katrine’s China family we came home to more snow.  Needless to say, the girls are thrilled.  Here is just a glimpse of what they got up to. (The skating pictures are from the party.)

Glenn and I?  Where are we?  Shoveling of course.