Welcome 2014!

We ended 2013 and welcomed 2014 with snow and lots of it because we were up at my parents.  Mom made a most delicious steak pie and triffle (GF of course ’cause she is the best mom ever).  Then my parents were off to their “Hillbilly New Year Hoedown”.  Yup, off they went to their party where they had an awesome time while the four of us crashed at their place…as you can see below, the girls were party animals.

New Year’s Day we headed off to the Wye Marsh for some skiing.  It was awesome to be there as a group of four.  Elspeth was tickled pink to be on skis like the rest of us.  Unfortunately she is still a bit slow so we skied to the parking lot and then back before she had enough.  Then I took her out on a sled around the trails before Glenn and I switched places and I got some skiing in.

Don’t you just love the rosy cheeks?

After a lunch it was time for some more outside play in the backyard with SOOOOO much snow.

We were planning on going sledding this morning but didn’t make it as it was super cold.  Maybe next time!

Happy New Year Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Welcome 2014!”

  1. Im a friend of Katrine.She told me about this web.One part i found hilarious was when u wrote Katrine kicked the voulenteers butt.I totally understand why.Its her style.

  2. I know!He says that kids kick in the butt!And I rock!What did you do on the Christmas brake?Pleas respond.
    From Katrine

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