Snow Days with Elspeth

Katrine has been hibernating a bit this past weekend so no realy pictures of her in action in the snow.  Elspeth is a different story.  She had us outside with her a lot this past weekend.  Good thing too with how cold it has gotten.

Still loving her polar bear hat.

We got some snow markers just before Christmas.  They were a bit pricey but I really wanted the squeeze bottle that closed and was small enough that Elspeth could squeeze.  We emptied them Christmas week but they work just as well with food colouring and water.

Can you see the word?  Three letters.  Bathroom humour?  Elspeth was thrilled when she realised that she had spelled poo.  And so is the humour of a four year old.

Elspeth Sized Tenor Sticks

Okay, I have been hard at work crafting a set of Elspeth sized tenor drum sticks and I must say that I am quite pleased with the results.  So here they are, presenting the pink duck tape (with leopard and cupcake accents) My Little Pony tenor drumsticks.

Notice the different ponies.  This pleased said daughter greatly.

Now she is ready for some twirly practise…and she needs some work but makes up for it in enthusiasm.

Mama turns 40

Yup, I am officially in my 4th decade with Glenn to follow soon enough.  It has been a wonderful birthday too.  I got to sleep in (mainly because I slept through the alarm but that is a minor detail) and still made it to work on time!  Waiting for me in my mailbox was a can of coke (my caffeine of choice) and a pink flamingo hat.  So, all day I was walking around school with a flamingo on my head…and the kids loved it!  I shared treats with my SSC students as well as those in my prep coverage classes.  I think that I smiled all through the day.  To top it off, it was a fairly smooth day at work.

I picked Katrine and Elspeth up and we met Glenn for dinner.  We chose to go to B*ston Pizza because they had GF items that I can eat as well as meals that the girls enjoy.  Glenn made the meal extra special by finding out if the bacon wrapped steak bites were GF.  They were!! And they were also delicious (we got them without the onions or dip)  A perfect way to change an ordinary meal into something special.  After a delightful dinner it was back home for dessert and gifts.  Glenn and the girls had baked a GF chocolate cake with chocolate icing and then topped it with 40 candles.  It took 3 puffs for me to blow them out.  Man that is a lot of candles.  Topped it all off with cuddles from my girls, a glass of wine and a roaring fire.  What did I get?  Lots of stuff but one of the best things is a new dishwasher from Glenn.  Doesn’t sound special?  Well it is when it means that the broken one is replaced and dishes no longer have to be done by hand.  Now that put a smile on my face.

Saturday was a reasonably quiet day that involved some sleeping in and more relaxing.  Today was the official end of the celebrations which were marked by the arrival of a visit with a dear friend and her family who brought me some beautiful roses that are now brightening up our kitchen and mantel.  Then it was off to the local skating trail for some family fun with friends.  It was a wonderful day to be skating – cool but not cold and with only a slight breeze.  Plus, Elspeth is improving leaps and bounds so she was going at quite a good pace which meant that Glenn and I got some actual skating in.  We ended the afternoon with dinner at home with those friends marked by great conversation and watching all four girls consume mounds of cake pops.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this birthday special for me.  I have had a weekend full of love and it has made me feel special.  My twenties saw me married, my thrities the arrival of our girls, so I can only hope that my forties are half as good as either decade.


Elspeth Tries Drumming

The first summer that Elspeth was home we all went to the Highland Games for Katrine’s dancing.  It can be boring for a wee one to sit on a blanket and play so Glenn took her for walks.  Her favourite destination was always where the bands were playing.  Everytime the mass bands played she beamed and pointed to the drummers; well one type of drummer in particular -a tenor drummer.  I had some pipe music out over the break and Elspeth asked again about the “Twirly Drumming” and could she learn.  Off I went to do some research and I found out that the Richmond Hill Pipe Band offers drumming lessons.  Additionally, they were willing to give this four year old a go.

As a result tonight we headed off for her first drumming lessons.  She had a blast!  It will take a while for there to be any level of skill but it was awesome to see her so happy and proud of herself.  Her Great Grandpa would be very proud of her (he was a flourish drummer too).

No flourishing in this photo.  Just some good old fahsioned drumming.

Welcome 2014!

We ended 2013 and welcomed 2014 with snow and lots of it because we were up at my parents.  Mom made a most delicious steak pie and triffle (GF of course ’cause she is the best mom ever).  Then my parents were off to their “Hillbilly New Year Hoedown”.  Yup, off they went to their party where they had an awesome time while the four of us crashed at their place…as you can see below, the girls were party animals.

New Year’s Day we headed off to the Wye Marsh for some skiing.  It was awesome to be there as a group of four.  Elspeth was tickled pink to be on skis like the rest of us.  Unfortunately she is still a bit slow so we skied to the parking lot and then back before she had enough.  Then I took her out on a sled around the trails before Glenn and I switched places and I got some skiing in.

Don’t you just love the rosy cheeks?

After a lunch it was time for some more outside play in the backyard with SOOOOO much snow.

We were planning on going sledding this morning but didn’t make it as it was super cold.  Maybe next time!

Happy New Year Everyone!