A Trip to the ER

And so, November is going out with a BUMP….CRY!!

Last night Elspeth managed to fall out of bed and into the corner of her dresser.  We are still not sure how she managed to hit the dresser because there is quite a gap between the two but manage it she did.  Glenn and I were woken up by a loud bump and crying.  At first we thought that she had simply fallen out of bed and then Glenn noticed that something was running down her cheek.  So, into the bathroom we went where there was light.  Goodness me, it was no little cut but a nicely bleeding gouge.

Off to the ER we drove.  I must say a special thank you to every single house that had their Christmas lights turned on so late into the night.  Nothing helps a hurting little one feel better than distraction and they did the trick.  The staff was excellent but as it goes with ERs we were stuck there from 12:30 until about 5:30.  Elspeth was a trooper and only cried when the doctor actually was gluing her gouge back together.  Poor wee thing came home and slept until 10:30 and she is the kid who hits 7:30 when she is sleeping in!  Before falling asleep she announced, “I am a brave girl.”  Yes my pet you are indeed.

Waiting for the freezing to kick in.

A little while later she was getting done so I added a bandage to Aleigh’s head.  That distracted her.

Right before the gluing.  She is ever so done now.


A Holiday Weekend with Snow

Last weekend we put up our tree and got the decorations out.  I love Christmas.  It is still a magical time.  Perhaps because I get to re-experience it through the eyes of a child.  The girls’ favourite ornaments are those which we made upon coming back from China.  They love the fact that an ornament actually has them on it.

We were suppose to go up to my parents for their local Santa Claus parade but the weather was against us.  Instead we spent a quite weekend at home.  The girls played in the snow and we saw our local parade instead.

Here is my favourite float.  I would never have thought of turning a recycling truck into a gingerbread house.

First visit to Santa!

Yup, the season has already begun in our house.  I have my nails painted red.  There is festive music on the radio and I have broken out the Christmas socks.  It is the most wonderful time of the year!!! 🙂

Actually, I was a bit surprised about the music thing.  Pleasantly surprised but still surprised.  I mean, we are not putting our tree up until next weekend during the Santa Claus Parade.  I was even more surprised to see that Bass Pro Shop already has their Santa.  Well, visiting Santa at a place where you can finish up some Christmas shopping and do some activities sounded like a great way to fill a Sunday afternoon so off we went.  The girls wrote letters to Santa, played with bows and BB guns (Katrine has now added a pink BB gun to her wish list…can you say NOT gonna happen.  That said, Katrine was much more successful hitting targets with the gun than foam arrows.  She killed the floor again with the Nerf arrows but hit the bird, bear and raccon targets with the toy gun.  Elspeth successfully hit a duck with her arrow…with a LOT of Glenn help that is.) and of course visited with the big guy.  It was a big day.  This year Elspeth allowed Santa to lift her up for the photo!!!  I had to stay near by but it is the first time that I am not actually in the photo.  A happy mom today.

If you can’t read Elsepth’s sentence, she has decided that she needs a Hello Kitty camera and is quite set on it.

The girls loved the mailbox with the talking reindeer beside it.\

Sometimes a girl just needs Baba’s help.


Welcome to November!

And so we enter the second last month of 2013 with some fun.  This past week, Katrine had a really fun homework project.  She brought home the class pet – a stuffed frog.  She wrote in his journal each day and the assignment resulted in some of her best writing.  In fact, it was the first time that I have ever seen her assume another’s voice when writing.  More importantly, she genuinely had fun doing homework.  I am considering if there is a way that I can use this with my own class.  The question being what is a cool “pet” for a group of students between the ages of 7 and 10 mostly boys?  Suggestions welcome.

They did homework together.  Yes, Katrine actually made up a homework assignment for the frog and then corrected it!

He acquired a pair of glasses after commenting on hers.

Then he had a sleepover with all of her webkinz.  Think that she has a few?

The final night of his stay we went out for Vietnamese.  According to his journal, this particular restaurant served delicious fly pho!!
Elspeth continues to enjoy Kindergarten although she has been fighting off a bit of a cold this week.  Yesterday was photo day at swimming.  It was hard to get photos with none of the other children in them.  Hence the single photo below.  She is having a lot of fun and is doing much better with her floats.  Still hates to put her face in though.  That is okay, learning to swim is a process.

Finishing Up Halloween

Okay, we carved our pumpkins the day before Halloween.  Katrine actually managed to convince Elspeth that she should put her hand inside the pumpkin.  Numerous squeals and exclamations over how gross it was followed but in the end they were hollowed out ready to carve.  As you can see, we made two pumpkins.  The face on each was planned out by the girls while Glenn channeled his inner carver to finish them off.  I thought that they were pretty darn cut.  Then during trick or treating we ran into the final two creations.

This Halloween, Katrine had two costumes.  At school she was an angel but we told her that it was not a good costume for trick or treating give how cold it usually gets as no one would be able to see her costume.  One of our friends gave us some dress up clothes recently and in the batch there was a gorgeous asian style dress.  Then while at the dollarstore picking up her angel set, Katrine fell in love with a mardi gras mask.  So in the evening she was a “Mardi Gras Princess”.  It worked out perfectly as her rain coat fit underneath (you can’t tell but Elspeth also had raingear under her costume).  The dress came home oh so wet but the child was toasty cozy.

Elspeth had her Kindergarten Halloween celebration on the Wednesday because they spent Halloween Day at the farm.  A whole day in the rain.  That said, she was super happy and pleased as punch to show off the mini pumpkin she had chosen for herself.  She was once again an adorable penguin.

Ready for her first field trip ever!