4th Birthday Party

With Elspeth’s 4th birthday falling on Thanksgiving Sunday we decided to hold her party a week earyl.  Now this has confused her in that she can not understand how she is still three if she has had the cake and presents.  🙂  This year’s theme was Ponies…as in My Little Pony.  There were ponies everywhere.  We used books, toys and printed pictures to decorate.  The only item we had to buy was the Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony game.  I guess it pays to keep all of the elder daughter’s stuff sometimes.

The kids started by making headbands.  A month ago our littlest could not print her name.  Now, she is a pro….well except for the spider E.  All of the kids got in on the action.  They even made hats for Glenn and I!

Then there was the game, running around like crazy, playing with balloons and toys, talking, dressing up and making bookmarks.  I don’t think that Elspeth stopped smiling once and Katrine was a great big sister.  She tried to make sure everyone was having fun while also having fun herself.  The fact that some of Elspeth’s China family were able to join us for the celebration made it extra special for both girls.

The party wrapped up with the gift unwrapping.  It is hilarious to watch three year olds exchange gifts.  They all want to help the birthday girl unwrap what they brought so more often than not there were at least two sets of hands on a present at any given time.  We do have one photo of her unwrapping a gift by herself so it did happen.  That said, Elspeth couldn’t care less if someone was helping or not.  She was over the moon to simply be getting presents from her friends and family.

Can you  believe that in 7 days she will be 4?

2 thoughts on “4th Birthday Party”

  1. MAKE TIME STOP!!! How can it be?! Our little ones are growing way to fast and I’ve yet to find that magic time-stopping potion.
    Happy birthday beautiful, Elspeth!

  2. We had her China brother and a sister here with us today. Seeing them together made me wish we lived closer. Her brother and her share the same aversion to chewing meat. It is funny how you look for those types of similarities as you would with bio family.

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