Happy Moon Festival!

No good photos of food this year.  After two years off it is just rough getting through the week at times so this year’s dinner was more simple than other years.  We did (one of the few times I say yippee to being gluten free) have moon cakes for dessert and the girls gobbled those down.  After dinner we had our annual lantern parade outside.  Katrine is an awesome big sister and took her job of showing Elspeth how to holding her lantern, turn it on and joining in on Elspeth’s “parades”; all with a huge smile on her face.  To top it off the moon was beautiful.  A happy Chinese thanksgiving to all of you.

One thought on “Happy Moon Festival!”

  1. I love your family blogs, Heather!! You are an amazing writer, mother, wife and dear friend:) Thanks for keeping us posted by sharing your life stories online. Katrine, Elspeth and the perfect moon look so adorable in the photos above. Kudos to the talented photographer.

    It’s awesome that your family celebrates Chinese Moon Festival and Chinese New Year every year so your girls learn and appreciate their heritage. They are lucky to have wonderful parents like you and Glenn and to experience a multicultural upbringing (Chinese, Scottish, Canadian) surrounded by boundless love:)

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