Who needs a bed?

Tonight we tucked Elspeth into her cozy toddler bed with her prefered stuffed animals.  Lock the baby gate at the top of the stairs for safety.  Okay, one down and one to go.

Glenn went to pick up Katrine from Chinese school and then after a quick snack (yes, I sent her with plenty of snacks but she chose to share them with friends instead of eating them herself.  Sigh).  Then she calls down that she can’t open the gate can we help.  Well sure enough she couldn’t because her sister was sleeping right there beside the gate.

As I said, who needs a bed when there is the hall carpet?

Katrine does jumps

After the last post all about Elspeth, thought that there should be a post about Katrine.  Since we spent the pre-school hour at the rink for another workshop, this one with Manon Perron.  Anyways onto random photos of Katrine practisig her jumps.  Are they any good?  No clue but it is fun to stand outside in the sun and watch her fly and the pictures are pretty cool.


March Break

Let’s start with an Elspeth-ism.  See if you can guess what she is saying?  I will give you a clue, it is something you eat: “hambagung” Have you figured it out?  That is how she says hamburger.  Too cute.

Hope that everyone has been enjoying our early burst of spring.  The bulbs infront of our house are up so here is hoping that if it decides to snow again that it is just a flurry.  We took full advantage of the weather this week after being cooped up inside the house for so long due to illness.

We visited the zoo and this time Elspeth actually enjoyed it.  On our previous visits, she was very over whelmed by the crowds and insisted on being carried or riding in the stroller.  This week our little girl tried to walk the whole time with her sister.  She also got right up to the glass.  We saw the bears, orangutans and tree kangaroo being very active and she was more interested than scared.  I have to say that I love going to the zoo at March Break.  Yes, you get camps and daycares but there is always something for the kids to do when you need a break from looking at the animals.  This year there was a whole interactive section on bats.  The girls made adorable bat clips.  Then while Elspeth coloured, Katrine had a chance to actually talk with a keeper about bats.  I think that she discovered that she shared the same wing span as a type of brown bat.

Tree kangaroo. Taken by Katrine

Another morning was spent exploring a section of the Oak Ridges trail.  It was a nice day and a friend invited us so we tagged along.  What a lovely trail.  We spent about 2 1/2 hours walking in the sunshine, breaking the ice on the edge of the pond and splashing in puddles.  Did Elspeth last that long?  No, but her stamina is building every day.  I figure that I carried her for about 45 minutes out of the walk so she did quite well.  We left refreshed and then spent the whole afternoon outside playing with friends.  Elspeth is getting good at peddling her trike….when going downhill!  Oh, and as you can see, sometimes she even comvinces her sister for a ride.

One afternoon Katrine attended a skating workshop out in Scarboro.  She had the chance to skate with Marina Zoueva who is Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s coach.  It was an awesome workshop which challenged her to think about the artistic side of her sport.  Did she enjoy it?  Yes and no.  She loved the workshop itself and the things that they worked on on-ice, but she was sad that none of her friends went.  That can sometimes be a very big thing to a 7 year old; even one as outgoing as Katrine.

Stopped at the mall one day. The girls loved the bear mowing the store.

Then there were the playdates.  I am so glad that we were able to schedule these.  Katrine has missed so much school in the last few weeks.  As much as she loves us all, spending countless hours at home is not the same as being with friends.  It was nice to see her just having fun again.

Elspeth really loves her sheep. It has been everywhere with her this week.

Today both girls got some one on one time with a parent to wrap up the break.  Glenn took Elspeth to the Home Show while I took Katrine to a dance competition. According to Glenn, the highlight of the show for Elspeth was the giant mushroom shaped water fountain.  She came home with a sleepy smile on her face, so she must have had fun with her Baba.  We registered Katrine in the dance competition back in January.  With how ill she was,we were not expecting anything from her (I mean, she only practised one week out of the last 5).  Boy were we pleasantly surprised.  She got through all of the dances and walked away with three medals and another stamp.  Only three more stamps and she is out of Beginners.  Dance exams in May and no more dance competitions until June.

A 3rd, 4th and 5th and a proud little girl.

This week?  Back to the regular schedule of dance and school. Highlights look to be Elspeth’s weigh in at the doctor’s tomorrow (fingers crossed that we are still in the third percentile) and then the Sweetwater festival this weekend. Wishing all of you a nice week.


A sick girl, a competition and a trike

After the last update, Katrine spent one whole week well before picking up a virus so now she is sick once more.  During that single week of wellness, she competed at March Mania in Innisfil because we had already registered her so what the he**.  We were hoping that she would go, have fun and stay up right on her skates (I mean, in three weeks she had only been on the ice three times for a total of 2 hours of ice time where she normally clocks at least 5 a week).  Well she goes and does have fun and manages to stay up right through out her solo.  She also manages to come in 4th!!  Pretty darn proud of her.  When Elspeth saw her getting her make up on, she had to get in on the action too. Do you think that the pink eye shadow is a bit much for a two year old?  We tried to convince her of that but she was pretty adament and proud of herself.

Opening sequence
She also has hot pink nailpolish on because I did it on Katrine to help her feel better. Sometimes it is good to be the younger sister.



Elspeth has grown over the last month so during the lull last week we pulled out Katrine’s old red trike to see if she was now tall enough for it.  Yep!  She seems to grasp the concept of peddling and can make it go forward or back for about three peddles.  Think that there are going to be many days spent outside with that little red bike once her legs get strong enough.










Are the rest of us healthy?  We think that Elspeth may have had a virus at some point in time because she woke up super cranky but with that being the only symptom it is hard to conclusively say.  Glenn has had a couple days where he has been simply exhausted so we think that he was maybe fighting it off.  Me?  Thought that I had an ear infection last week but it turned out to just be a virus or cold.  Found out though that I really should not take Tyl**ol decongestant.  No, it did its job its just that I am wierd.  In my normal Heather fashion I walked around in a dazed and exhausted state for two days until Glenn hid it and put me to bed.  I am still really tired but not congested anymore.  Plus, it is much safer for the kidlets to just have a cranky mom.  That’s how it stands for us leading up to the March Break.  Wishing Elspeth had a Canadian passport and we were heading somewhere sunny and warm to play by a pool and rest.  Instead, not sure what we will be doing because spending vast quantities of time outdoors in the cold is seeming like an unwise choice.  Suggestions?