Finally…citizenship is off!

Okay, finally posted Elspeth’s citizenship application today.  Now we wait.  We are not planning any huge trips right now which will help to decrease our anxiety about when it will arrive so that we can apply for a Canadian passport (learned with Katirne just how much of a pain it is to travel with a kid on a Chinese passport that requires Visas).

Now for some fun photos.  The first is our earliest photo of Katrine that we were allowed to take a photo of while at Katrine’s orphanage.  Then there is are cute photos of Elspeth and Katrine from yesterday.  Enjoy!

Katrine is maybe two weeks old in this photo.













Welcome to fall!

By the time most of you read this it will be fall so happy season of beatiful colours followed by moldy leaves. (As you can tell it is one of my all time favourite seasons)

Elspeth had her check up today.  Blood work looks good so far.  Got her first two vaccinations (poor little mite doesn’t realize that this is only the beginning).  We are still waiting for the results of her lead level test but things are looking good.  Most impressively, she has gained 1 1/2 pounds and grown 5 centimeters since we got home!!!!  Yes, the door on our fridge now hits her in the head.  She is exactly the same size as Katrine was at 18 months but she turns 2 in roughly 2 weeks.  Still not on the growth curve but at least we are going up.

My parents got back from Scotland and brought with them the cutest pair of purple wellies.  We put them on yesterday and she had a lot of fun jumping (sort of) in the puddles.  Heard that it is suppose to rain again tomorrow so I suppose that we will be back outside in our boots splashing around.  I am so glad that they sell rubber boots for super small feet in Scotland -the land of rain- because it appears that in Canada children are not suppose to walk around and get wet until their feet are at least size 5 or you are willing to pay waaayyy too much.

I am going to end this post with some random cute photos to make you smile on the first day of fall.

Her cousin's birthday present....I see trouble down the road. A motorbike girl?
Apple picking
Elspeth likes to pretend to nap. The dress was made by my Nana.
How our girls like to slide or as Elspeth says "whee".
Baby Moose
Let's go big sis, I need some speed.
Now, it's time to relax.
What a toddler does with stickers when given free reign. At least it covered the scuff marks.

Our Moon Festival Girls

Here is the summary:  Katrine loved the moon cakes, Elspeth not so much.  Elspeth loved my spherically round moon like meatballs (oh so chinese I know), Katrine not so much.  They both agreed that the lanterns rocked.  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

Our Moon festival supplies. Note: both lanterns play music and light up.
"More moon cakes! I need more! Can I eat the whole thing?"
"You mean I have to eat this thing? Couldn't I have some fruit instead?"
The grand finale

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Tomorrow is the mid-autumn moon festival and Katrine could not be more excited.  We had some friends over to visit today and they brought her moon cakes.  She is thrilled.  When we were in Nanning, she ate half a moon cake each morning with breakfast (yes, very healthy).  She is also looking forward to introducing Elspeth to the joys of staying up late and walking outside under the stars with your muscial lantern.  Yes, this holiday necessitated a trip to Pacific Mall for the sole purpose of procuring a musical lantern for Elspeth so that they could match (by the way, you should be looking forward to matching Halloween costumes as this is a theme in our life now).  Dinner?  Round meatballs, round carrots, round glasses of beverage all served on round plates.  The only chinese thing that will be part of our meal will be the moon cakes that Katrine loves.

When we were in China, particularly Nanning, it was interesting to see all of the preparations for the moon festival.  We asked our guide what she did with her family and she said that they went outside and sat under the stars together eating moon cakes.  She also told us that it was traditional to give moon cakes to family and friends this time of year.  Well, we will not be buying all of you a box of moon cakes.  Put it down to my thrifty scottish ancestors.  Instead, we are offering you these images from China and tomorrow maybe some photos of the girls with their lanterns.  Happy Moon Festival!

This was in the lobby of our hotel and inbetween meals, the restaurant had these for sale.
For all those XiYangYang fans. Katrine wanted to buy this and schlep it all the way home.
The Haagen Daz table advertising their moon cakes.
Okay, if I could do dairy I think that I might actually enjoy this moon cake.
And then I could follow it up with this. Yum!

New photos of Baby Elspeth

Today has been an exciting day for us.  We made contact with one of Elspeth’s foster sisters which will be huge for her.  AND…..we got new photos from a fabulous agency who helped to provide Elspeth with formula until Gotcha Day.  We will forever be in their debt.  First for helping to provide her with basic nutrition and now for allowing us new glimpses into the past 2 years.  We have been truly blessed.  Enjoy.

March 2010












September 2010












December 2010












March 2011 (same month as the original referral photos)













First day of Grade 2 and a gymnast

Katrine had a great first day in Grade 2 and loves her teacher.  She was also tickled pink when we gave in to her plees and got her sister a purple outfit so that they would be a matching set.  I think that Katrine going to school was harder on Elspeth today.  You could see the fear and anxiety in her eyes as the school bus pulled away with her big kid going who knows where.  Just what she needs, to lose another.  Then the sheer joy when Katrine got off the bus at the end of the day was priceless.

A matched set














This evening provided early signs that we might not have a skater, dancer or hockey player on our hands but a gymnast.  Front roll anyone?