More Easter Fun

It is quite relaxing when you can’t clean or cook because it is not your own house.  Almost like a vacation for mom because there is the added bonus of other people who desperately want to entertain your child by spending quality time with them.

After hunting for eggs this morning, she talked her Grandma into helping her dye eggs.  Then it was off with Grandpa to the Wye Marsh (0f course) to do a scavenger hunt, egg hunt and craft.  Then back to the house to decorate cupcakes and play outside.  Notice how I managed to find time to update the blog during the day.  I think that photos will showcase her fun better than my words so here are some more photos for you to enjoy.

Science North

What a day.  Katrine was so busy that she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow (which almost never happens).  She thought Science North was fabulous.  “Mom, I just LOVE it.”  I think that she did close to every experiment or activity that they offered.

My favourites three:

1.When she made a contraption to safely carry her egg to the ground when dropped from 5 feet in the air.  Needless to say poo Eggy didn’t make it.  By the end of his crash landing there was yolk everywhere.  I still think that the results would have been more favourable if she had listened to mom and attached a balloon or two.  Maybe they would have slowed it down some.

2.Rock polishing.  She chose a piece of white quartz which turned out pretty shiny in the end.  It actually was a lot of fun sitting there watching as she ground it and polished it.  I also didn’t worry as much as I thought I would about her grinding or polishing her fingers so it turned out to be more relaxing than anticipated.

3.Sodering together a little Easter circuit board.  I have never do that before and I likely never will again.  If Katrine is going to soder anything else together it will have to be with Glenn.  I am just not that technical a person.

We also did the height prediction thing (the same one that was there when we were kids).  Guess what?  Katrine is going to be short.  Big surprise aye?  Lucky for her though, not as short as me.  Five foot 2 vs five foot.  Those two inches might make it easier for her to find pants…then again, she is also unlikely to have my hips which also might make it easier for her to find pants.

Now off to bed so that I will be ready for a day of egg dyeing, egg hunting and chasing around a chocolate filled child.  Gotta love Easter.

Oh, one more thing.  Why do people put pussy willows inside?  They are just fuzzy sacks of pollen designed to make an indoor space icky with air borne allergens.  They don’t even smell so why would a restaurant need to put them inside?  Bluck!  Now I feel icky (in their defence, I didn’t notice them until I started to get itchy and looked around to identify  the cause).

Good Eats in Sudbury!

Boy were we hungry after hitting Dynamic Earth this afternoon.  We headed to a really nice restaurant just 5 minutes from our hotel called the Hourglass.  All I can say is YUM!  They have a whole gluten free menu so I was in heaven. Gluten free battered fish, burgers, chicken finger, garlic bread.  Mmmmm! Crispy, galicy goodness followed by hand cut fires and a homemade burger.  I wish that I could still eat egg because all of the desserts on their menu are gluten free and there was tiramisu.  I wonder how rummy it was?  Even without dessert it was delicious.

Heather, why post about food first.  Well, food is my issue now so I started with it.  Now about our trip.  While Glenn is working on the basement Katrine and I are up in Sudbury with my parents.  Katrine thought that it was awesome.  “Wow! That is one huge coin!”  “Look at all of these minerals.”  “I found some gold!!  Can I keep panning?”  It was one huge smile all afternoon.  I am expecting more of the same tomorrow when we visit Science North.  Fingers crossed.

Elspeth?  Nothing yet but it is not May yet.  We are thinking that there will be at least two more weeks until the next batch of referrals.  Keeping our fingers crossed that they do 7 days of files so that we will finally get our photo of our wee one. It is looking like the group before us is suppose to travel just 6 weeks after their referrals arrived.  That would be awesome if it could happen to us too so again, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Now off to relax so that we can get up bright eyed and bushy tailed for more science tomorrow.

7th Birthday

Had Katrine’s birthday party on Saturday.  The drive down the DVD to the beach volleball place (she wanted a beach party, and where else can you find sand in the GTA) was bad but getting the supplies in from the car was wet and freezing cold.  That however was the major glitch aside from my personal inability to properly operate Glenn’s camera which resulted in having less photos to chose from for this post.  (I guess we know who will not be taking most of the photos in China)

Once everyone was inside they had fun.  I am so glad that we got the games organizer.  She had them running races, playing soccer, dodge ball and, my favourite, tug of war.  During the soccer game, some of the girls decided to dig trenchs in the sand infront of their goal for defence purposes.  They then added to their teams defence by laying in the sand in front of the net or sitting doing the splits.  Just like little kids playing soccer outside except with sand instead of flowers and clouds.  We arranged for some extra sand time after the food and gift portion just in case they had extra energy to burn.  They build a sandcastle and played volley…well, hit-the-net ball.  Money well spent.

The whole week, I had agonized over wether we had enough food.  We had the party in the middle of the afternoon so we decided not to go with the usual pizza.  Instead, went with cake, candy, fruit and goldfish(the crackers, not real ones).  Glenn kept telling me that there was more than enough. That I needed to chill.  Maybe this time I will learn to listen to him because low and behold he was absolutely right.

All in all, the kids were fun to watch and I think that all of them had fun.  I would declare it a good party.

Now a moment away from the discussion of parties. Snow in April!!!!! What the heck ?  My spring bulbs have finally come up and are almost ready to flower and then snow!  I will be really pis**d off if I don’t see those flowers because of it.  I might hate all of the pollen but I like looking at spring flowers.  Except for pussy willows and Easter lillies.  Have you ever noticed that they are everywhere this time of year?  Those big sacks of pollen on sticks and deceptively beautiful lillies with their bright yellow pollen centers.  They have ruined many a perfectly good Easter for me.  Enough of my rant.  Enjoy the photos.

Big skating news!

Yes, it is another skating post.  Before I bring you up to date on Katrine’s skating exploits, I thought that I should tell you where we are in “The Wait”.  Last week they sent out referrals for up to June 15, 2006.  If we are lucky, we will be included in the May referrals but we are not expecting our referral until June.  Of course we will let you know once our referral arrives but now on to skating.

Today was the last skating competition for this season which means we have a bit of a break before the dance competitions begin in June.   Anyways, Katrine skated really well today (it was one of those times where everything you’ve been working on just comes together at exactly the right time) and got first place for her group.  It was also great because all three grandparents were there to help her celebrate.  Katrine was almost as excited about her prize from the contestants draw area…glittery lip gloss and a medal what could be better?

Now for some more skating news.  This is the BIG skating news.  On May 14th Katrine will have the honour of receiving the BMO CanSkater of the Year award for Central Ontario.  She doesn’t know yet, we are going to tell her after her birthday so that she doesn’t get overwhelmed with everything.  We found out two weeks ago and have finally come out of the shock phase as we didn’t know that this award existed until Glenn got the phone call from Skate Canada central Ontario.  If it took us two weeks to process this I am not sure how Little Miss will react.  What is the award?

The BMO Financial CanSkater of the Year Award:  Emphasises talent and skill achievement coupled with the spirit of a champion. These skaters will have the desire to continue and succeed in skating.  Each club in Central Ontario awards one CanSkater of the Year medal to one skater, under the age of 8, at their club.  They then submit this name to Skate Canada Central Ontario officials who chose the top 13 skaters in that section of Skate Canada and from those 13 they chose the top one.  This year Katrine is that top one.  So, on May 14th we are off to an ice show so that she can get her medal in front of a bunch of people.  Her name has also been submited for consideration for the National CanSkater of the Year award but we won’t know more about that until May 14th.

Anyways, I guess this means that we will continue to spend vast amounts of time at a variety of arenas.  It also means that we will likely to continue to provide skating blog posts for many years to come.  Surprise!