The Tooth Fairy Comes to Visit

The Tooth Fairy came to visit our house last night for the first time.  Katrine has had two lose teeth since December.  This past weekend she gave one of them a mighty tug which resulted in a trip to the dentist with her father yesterday morning.  The dentist pulled her two front teeth out and then sent her home to spend the day with daddy, her monkey and movies while the freezing came out.

When Grandpa called to check on her, she assured him that she was fine and that the tooth fairy was going to bring her money and probably a toy or something because she was so very brave.  Next she had to explain about the tooth fairy to her stuffies.  Did you know she is the size of a piece of dirt but very strong?  Also, she only comes once you are asleep like Santa?  Then she tucked the teeth under her pillow and for once fell right to sleep.

First thing this morning, she literally dove head first under her pillow in search of her booty.  The look on her face when she discovered the cash and a cute little monkey bowl was priceless.  Now we have a temporarily half toothed daughter (her adult teeth were growing in behind the baby teeth so they are already half in).

March Break Fun

I thought that I would share the highlights of our March Break with you.

Katrine had her last dance competition as a Primary on Sunday.  That means no more loot bags just for giving it a go.  Instead medals or none based on your personal performance in each dance.  We have a lot of work to do between now and June.  That said, she did really well bringing home a second and third in addition to her loot bag.  After a dance workshop, she and I headed up to my parents.

Monday morning saw us cross country skiing again.  It was a lovely day.  Warmer air but still enough snow.  Very relaxing.  It was a good thing that we went on the Monday because it rained on Tuesday and that was the end of the snow.  After lunch it was off to do some skating and then tobogganning.  Katrine even talked me into going down with her.  I remembered that I don’t like going down hills backwards (my parents only have a saucer).  I think that Santa might have to bring them a more rectangular sled this Christmas.

Tuesday was more skating and a long drive home.  Wednesday saw us driving off to the mall for some rock wall climbing with friends and then back home for a playdate and some building.  Building?  Why yes, do you remember how much fun you can have with a cardboard box…or two in this case?  She and I fashioned a house for her monkeys and then another for her fairy family.  It was not enough for them to have walls and furniture but they also have accessories: paper towel soap, toilet paper, tin foil mirros and plates.  Needless to say, we had a light recycling bin for this week’s collection.

Thursday it was off to do some more skating (her only, I sat and froze my butt off).  She was pretty excited about trying her camel spin.  I was happy that she had fun but glad to get back out into the warm sun.  Another playdate followed by some fun outside with our neighbours.  They rode bikes, scooters, climbed, jumped, laughed, screamed…reminded me of playing on my driveways as a kid.  We use to stay out there for hours with the neighbour kids playing nothing or something but always having fun.  We had such a nice time that we were back out Friday afternoon (it was like a playdate for me because I got to know some of the neighbours better).

This weekend?  More skating, building Lego, decomposition experiment (ever watched what happens to bananas in yeast? hours of fun) and maybe a trip to the zoo.  Glenn gets to join us this weekend because he hurt his elbow which is bad for him because it takes him away from working on the basement but good for Katrine and I because we get to enjoy his company!!!