Final Competition of the Summer

You can tell that the summer is coming to a close because Katrine is in culture camp, I am back in to school getting everything ready and we went to Bracebridge this weekend.  There is a really nice, small competition in Bracebridge and it is one of Katrine’s favourites.  This year she even had a friend from her dance class there.  The pair had a lot of fun reading a Pokemon book and practicing.

Anyways, all of Katrine’s practicing this summer and her hard work at dance camp this past week paid off.  She won in each of her dances.  She got a first in her fling and a second in pas de basque and high cuts as well as a fourth and sixth.  As you can see in the photo, she is super proud of herself which is why I thought that I would share.

Now for a pumpkin update.  You might remember that we planted pumpkins in our garden this summer.  Well our one pumpking met with an unfortunate fate.  It was eaten by the local wildlife.  I suppose that means we will be buying our pie and Halloween pumpkins again this year.

We have success!

Yesterday Katrine came back from a few days at her grandparents.  We took the training wheels off of her bike and have been working with her on learning to ride it.  Well, doesn’t she come back from their house riding it.  Now, she can only go a few driveways by herself before she has to stop but still that is riding.  Yippee!  We promised her that when she could ride well enough to go to our local gas station we would buy her a slushie and a treat.  It looks like she might just reach that goal by the time school starts up again.

We also have pumpkins.  They are small.  They are yellow.  BUT they are pumpkins and we are delighted.