Happy Holidays!

I know that I will not get another chance to up date the blog before the whole season takes over so I thought that I should take this moment of down-time and do it right away. Now I know that you are all shaking your heads and wondering what Heather could possibly have left to do.  Baking!  Tomorrow is the day to bake a batch of Christmas shaped rice krispy treats, a batch of cookies and a birthday cake for Baby Jesus (just us trying to put the religion front and center on the holiday….that and it is an excuse to have gluten-free cake).

The most exciting thing to happen this month was when the Olympic torch came through our humble town.  None of us had the chance to see it but Katrine did skate in the torch celebration that night.  It was too cute for words.  It was great.  Here are some photos for you.  I hope that it gives you a sense of how cute the whole thing was.

Torch-Relay-2009 (40 of 81)