Bring on the inventions!

It appears that Katrine has developed a new interest…inventions.  In this video, she can be seen beside her frozen treat machine.  It is a pretty straightforward machine; put stuff in one end and the treat comes out the other.  What makes this video special is that it is mostly a safety training video for those who would like to work her machine.  Enjoy!


Catching up with our garden

When we first planted our garden we posted some photos.  I thought that it would be a good time to update you on how things are growing and share some more photos.

We harvested our first batch of brocolli last week.  It is amazing how much stronger fresh brocolli tastes.  Katrine loved it raw or cooked which is the ultimate test in our household.

All of the carrots and beets were eaten by local wild bunnies before they had a chance to grow, but they didn’t eat our leeks.  In another two months we might have enough for a pot of leek soup.  Yum!

The potatoes are growing really well.  So are the cucumbers.  Thank goodness both Katrine and Glenn eat them because this year they just keep growing.

Our tomatoe plants have gotten so big and heavy that they have broken a few of the cages.  One has turned orange and we are keeping our fingers crossed that others will follow.  Otherwise I will be making a big batch of I don’t know what with green tomatoes.  Anyone have a salsa recipe for green tomatoes?

Our corn has finally got some height and has begun to grow actual corn.  If you look closely at the photo you can just see the brown tassle of a baby corn cob!! Keeping our fingers crossed that the raccoons will stay away.