Events of Canada Day

Once again we spent Canada Day at the Highland Games in Embro.  Katrine did really well.  She actually won a first and second!!  She also did a great job on her fling, which she couldn’t do at all three weeks ago, except that her feet got tangled up during one turn and she fell.  But, she got right back up and started dancing again.  We were really proud of her. She was really upset that we were not able to stay around for the medal ceremony (more details below) and I am not sure that she really understands where she ranked only that she won two medals for good dancing.

Did I dance?  Well, technically yes.  I did the full first step of the Irish Jig and on the second side of the second step I hopped and ended up with a sharp pain in my insoles.  I managed six steps off of the stage and then sat on a bench while the Saint John’s Ambulance people put my foot into a splint.  Then it was off to the hospital in Ingersoll for x-rays.  Nothing is broken but I seem to have sprained it yet again.  So it will be back to physio for me and this will likely mark the end of my Highland Dance career.  Can you say hello Scottish Country Dance?