It has been 4 years!

Can you believe it? We met our darling 4 years ago yesterday. Today is our 4th Forever Family Day. Usually we celebrate with Chinese food and lots of family activities but this year we are all a bit under the weather and are cuddling on the couch watching curling. It is precious nonetheless.

Winter update 2009

Okay, we are finally back. Glenn has been working hard on the basement so it has taken him a while to get the video of Katrine skating adjusted so that I could log in again. The basement you ask? Well, it is actually looking quite nice. There is a lot of new insulation put up and the skeleton of a wall dividing the laundry room from the rest of the space. I know that he has done alot more but this is what most excites me. A wamer, more functional basement…which wife wouldn’t be excited.

Katrine got her first two CanSkate badges in January. She continues to enjoy skating and has her first club competition at the end of February. There are 5 in her group(The Grasshoppers) and everyone wins something but we are pretty proud nonetheless. Supposedly she goes out and does about 4 moves and that is it but if she is happy then so are we. She is equally excited about her pink skating outfit (actually just a skirted body suit with heart printed tights that was on sale at Zellers).

She continues to dance and is making some progress in learning the fling but it is not her passion. We are planning to dance in Callander in the summer but after that we will have to wait and see how it goes. She did however enjoy dancing at the Robbie Burns dinner in Victoria Harbour.

Glenn and I? Well, not a heck of a lot. I turned 35 in January and celebrated with a delicious dinner out gluten-free cake. I got some lovely gifts including getting to sleep in!! I made the most delicious Chinese New Year dinner but the dumplings gave Katrine hives…oh well, all the more for my lunches! I think that we have been most excited about our new sheets. This Christmas, my parents gave us a silk duvet because they are suppose to be dust mite resistant. However, they could only get a King sized one so we did not have a duvet cover for it. Well, off we go shopping. We came home with a complete bamboo bedding set. My goodness it is super soft. I LOVE it.