Happy Autumn Take 2

Here is our pre-Christmas update.
Katrine did well on her report card. Great academics and too much fidgeting during circle time. Not bad.
She was scouted for pre-competitive figure skating but we have yet to decide what we are going to do with that one. Honestly though, I never expected to hear the words “natural talent as a skater” in reference to my sub-tropical born daughter. Just goes to show that life is full of surprises.
Our tree is up. The lights are up outside. Christmas cards are being written. The wrapping has begun. Katrine is my official tape riper because that is her newest skill. Maybe by next year she will actually do some of the wrapping…hehe…child labour makes less work for mom during holiday season. We are having a skating party in two weeks just for the fun of it so my next holiday project is to start baking cookies. Yes, gluten-free all around.
Now for this posts photo. During my parent teacher interviews I was talking to one set of parents about helping to develop fine motor skills when the parents mention trainer chopsticks. At the end of the interview I just had to ask them what they were and where to find them because Katrine has no skill with chopsticks yet desperately wants to use them when we go out for Chinese. Well, got some at our local Korean grocer. They work. Katrine loves them. So, here they are!