Fall Arrives

September saw Katrine beginning Junior Kindergarten. Glenn walked her to school on her first day and she went in without tears!! And so began her love affair with school. Her favourite game is school and of course I have to be her teacher(not Mrs Attwood Kindergarten teacher but the carbon copy of her “real” teacher! “That’s not the way Ms. V…does it”)

Fall also brings with it the traditional Attwood family apple picking trip. Although, this year Katrine has asked that we go back because we went when there were only Macs out and she is more of a sweet apple girl. She has really been getting into baking; even pretending to read recipes when she is cooking in her kitchen. We have already made pie, applesauce and two apple cakes together. I think that apple muffins with butterscotch chippits will be our next endevour.

She has also got immense pleasure out of our garden harvest. She still won’t eat tomatoes; of which we got a bumper crop this year, but she has enjoyed our pink potatoes (yes, if you are imagining pink mashed potatoes that would be the correct image), multicoloured carrots and cucumbers – with the seeds cut out. I think that we will do less tomatoes next year and maybe some bush beans to see if we can get her to give beans a try. Katrine has really enjoyed fishing this summer so we often looked for worms and bugs in our garden to use as bait. Never could seem to find any of a reasonable size…until harvest time. Then we dug up long juicy worms and fat slugs. Oh well!