Catch-up post #1, January 2008

Well we are quite far behind on our family updates. I’ll try to get a couple of updates out so you can see what we’ve been up to. Well it probably boils down to being sick a lot. Heather’s dust allergy has kicked up with a vengeance, I got quite sick in February, and Katrine has been happy to share in the bountiful joys of illnesses from daycare, including a bout of “hand, foot, and mouth” that she also shared with her father.

January started off with Heather’s birthday and a gluten free cake. Katrine was quite distressed that this was a store bought cake and not home made. However she was mollified when given the opportunity to enhance the decorations on said cake.


We pick up later with Heather and Katrine at the Robbie Burns Supper (ah The Bard) where Heather danced and managed to have a really bad bout of asthma.  Katrine looked cute, and managed to find a playmate for the evening named Catherine… just to get everyone confused.  Glenn and Grandma T. were the only ones from the family to eat the Haggis, a big loss to everyone else in my opinion.


Finally, when not sick, we managed to take some time out to go skating at our local outdoor skating rink.  Katrine always seems to enjoy herself, and is getting quite good with out the help of any formal lessons.  She has asked about hockey on occasion, but we’ll wait and see if that is a real interest before making any decisions.


Look for a couple more posts up coming over the next couple of days.