Making a Pumpkin Pie

For most people, making pumpkin pie means opening up a tin and going from there. Well this time around, it was a bit different. Between Katrine’s 1 trip to the farm and my 2 we ended up with three pie pumpkins that needed a purpose. What do you do with pie pumpkins? Make pie of course. Glenn dug up a recipe on the internet and we dug in – literally. Here is the story of this adventure…

Dig out those gutts. We then nuked them and whizzed them in the blender but no photos of that. Glenn did manage to knock a pot lid off the counter onto his foot during that process and was hobbling around for most of the week.

Pour stuff into a big bowl and mix.



Lastly, enjoy.

Glenn found it too fluffy but Katrine seemed to like it. She did object to the lack of whip cream and the fact that they were eating pumpkin pies when it was not Thanksgiving.
We put the tree up today(I know but I LOVE Christmas) and she was simply trembling with anticipation. When we put out the nativity she started to sing Jesus loves me(…”and you do too”) and announced that we couldn’t forget Baby Jesus’ birthday cake. Then she wrote her first letter to Santa asking for a camera: “I w a c” and a wobbly rectangle. We are hoping that Santa can read preschooler. Tomorrow we are heading out to the local Santa Claus parade(not Glenn though because of football playoffs).