Happy Halloween!

Katrine was really excited about Halloween. She had us decorating pumpkins, cutting out ghosts, icing cookies, the works. We went to Boo at the zoo with one of Katrine’s friends on Sunday and she had a blast. I think that watching the otters swim around like lunatics with her friend was the highlight of our visit. Last night she went to her Grandfather’s nursing home in her costume and came home with some goodies. Today at school they ate cake, wore costumes and went trick or treating around the room. We thought that she would be all gung-ho for tonight. Well, the main event was a bit anti-climactic. She went to four houses and declared it too scary. Then she spent the rest of the night watching TV while munching orange popcorn.
At least she looked cute. This past summer we went to see Surf’s Up in the theater. She didn’t move at all during the movie and insisted that we stay until the last credit had rolled off the screen. So, she was a surfing penguin. She tolerated the costume but loved the surf board that Glenn made for her. I think that it will get a lot of use before it crumbles to bits.
Happy Halloween everyone!




Happy Thanksgiving

The fall has been full of changes…some pleasant and others not. Glenn began a new job the first full week of September. It has been a good move and he is enjoying the new challenges. The second week of September, my Nana passed away at 95. Her funeral was lovely and the support of family and friends was overwhelming. September also saw Katrine return to gymnastics, me to dance and Glenn to hockey (he has already scored a goal this time around!!), Katrine also started to take Highland dance lessons. Thus far she has mastered most of the basic positions and highcuts. We are worked on bowing. Most important though, she is having fun and burning off steam. October has dawned with unseasonably high temperatures and beautiful sunshine.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!