First day of School!

Katrine began preschool on Monday. She loves it. Every morning she puts on her little Strawberry Shortcake backpack and heads out to the car. She talks about her nameless friends, the blocks and bikes. Today she even told us about making cupcakes…and not the gluten-free kind that we have to make at home but real gooey, gluteny things that they will eat tomorrow. She had her first school injury yesterday when she fell down going outside for a fire drill and bit her lip. She really surprised all of the teachers when she didn’t cry too long but dusted herself off instead. I have to tell you that the school’s lack of freezies to treat mouth booboos troubled her deeply. It was all that she could talk about last night. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this love affair continues.

The summer draws to a close

August has been a very busy but fun month for all of us.
We traveled to Ottawa over the long weekend for the Children’s Bridge Picnic. While there we visited a few museums. Our favourite was the display of Chinese artifacts at the Museum of Civilization. It was extremely interesting. Katrine however, was not impressed. She much prefered the children’s section of the museum and had to be pried away at naptime. We also explored the Museum of Technology. We actually had a wee ride on a steam engine which was pretty cool. During our visit we were lucky enough to be able to meet up with one of the families who adopted from the same orphanage. The girls had a wonderful time playing together.
A calligraphy brush. This was displayed alongside some scrolls. It was really interesting to look at the product capable of being produced with such a utensil.
We were also lucky enough to be invited to spend a weekend at Glenn’s sister’s cottage which was super relaxing. Katrine actually went in the lake this year, thanks to her floaty bathing suit. (It is a swimsuit that has pockets that hold blocks of foam which allow the child to float. It gave Katrine enough confidence to risk the lake and she ended up having a great time.) She also went fishing with her cousins. Both of them caught fish while Katrine enjoyed going through the motions.
This month has also seen us journey to the Lantern Festival, attend soccer games, picnic with friends and generally have a wonderful time. Katrine passed Preschool B swimming and was super proud of herself. She has also learned how to ride a two wheeler with training wheels. I guess that next year will see her with a few more scrapped knees as she works on not using training wheels…I think we will just enjoy this phase.
Katrine starts preschool tomorrow. She is both excited and nervous. I am setting up my classroom starting tomorrow and Glenn starts a new job next week!!!! Katrine will also have her first Highland Dance class in two weeks time (we will see how that goes, keep your fingers crossed) and will go back to Chinese and gymnastics. Hopefully it will help her sleep to be so active.