Wild Toy Animal Hospital Visit

Today we went the the Wild Toy Animal Hospital at the Toronto Zoo. It seems that Monkey has collected a few boo-boos that needed look after, and he is sorely behind on his vaccinations. 296300303 First we needed to go through Triage: 306 Then came our examination by the Veterinarian: 312 Then we needed to get our vaccinations: 315 Next was the X-ray to check out his paw: 318321 After that it was a heart ultrasound: 324 Then he was looked at by the surgons: 327 Finally he was bandaged up and declared “good as new”: 330 As proof, here is Monkey’s health certificate: 333 The rest of the visit did not go as well, as Katrine was somewhat afraid of the Dinosaur exibit. As well we forgot her swimsuit, and despite urging from Mama and Baba, Katrine insisted that she could not under any circumstances go in the splash park. It was probably for the best as we came home for luch and a nap.

At the splashpad

at the splashpad #2

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Well I finally went and got a Digital SLR (a Nikon D200 if you’re wondering)… it’s a reward for all the work I’ve been doing, and will be doing especially on Father’s Day.

So we went for a walk with Katrine to the local splashpad. It was a good way to test the new camera, and a great way for Katrine to get cold 🙂