Muffin the bunny cake

Today Katrine and her Grandma went to Loblaws for a cake decorating class. Their assignment: to create a bunny cake. Now Katrine has been looking forward to this all week and checking her wee calendar daily so she was all set when they reached the store (once she realized that they were not there to shop that is). They had a blast making the cake. In between eating the decorations and icing Katrine finished her cake (I think that Grandma must have helped). She even gave it a name: Muffin. Upon arriving home she gleefully announced, “Okay! Let’s eat Muffin.” And that was the end of Muffin.

The proud baker

Actually resembles a bunny

Muffin’s demise

Katrine looking cute at the Maple sirop festival. This has nothing to do with Muffin but I like the photo and thought to include it!

March Break

On a highnote, we have mailed off Elspeth’s immigration package. Not that there is any rush, but it certainly makes us feel another step closer to her. The wait continues to grow and right now we are predicting that she will join our family, tentatively, in the fall of 2008.

Closer to home, we have all been off for the break. It has been nice to simply have time to spend together. Katrine stayed up at my parents over night on Sunday and did remarkably well. She is already making plans to go back up and sleep in the “big bed” (they let her sleep in a double bed so she was in heaven). What did Glenn and I do? We went out for dinner and worked on Elspeth’s immigration stuff. Oh ya, then we slept in!!!!

We went on smaller outings the rest of the week: to a Backyardigans craft session, to visit family, to the park, to meet Dora. Our biggest trips were to the zoo and the shoe museum. The zoo had various bug displays on for the break. She was fascinated by all of the creapy crawlies. We made sure to steer clear of the bug brittle table though, just in case she decided it looked good. We are all for enriching activities, but we have to draw the line somewhere. The Bata shoe museum was running a pirate program this week. We went with one of my friends from Teacher’s College and her daughter. Katrine had a blast decorating a treasure chest, playing dress-up and icing cookies. Her favourite part was the treasure hunt. She kept talking about how she is going to have one for her birthday(we are having a pirate party for her). Oh ya, she also loves her jolly roger tatto. Aside from her refusal to nap when she obviously needs to, it was fun.
Climbing around burning off steam

Just looking cute

Helping to bake lemon pie

Decorating her pirate booty


Tomorrow it is back to work and daycare for us all. Tuesday she has her first dentist appointment. Wish us luck!